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Hi, I’m Doug Ryan, founder and chief editor of Adventure Gear Insider. Feel free to contact us at any time. We love discussing e-bikes, skiing, sailing, paddling, and outdoor fun in general.

What is Adventure Gear Insider?

Adventure Gear Insider was originally started as an outdoors blog. As things evolved it became more and more gear focused and it became our place to share thoughts on gear we’ve tried. I’ve always been a gear nerd and spend way too much time researching and checking out new outdoor and adventure gear. We spend a ton of time outside biking, skiing, and paddling. We might have a little unhealthy obsession with sailing and boating too. We created this as a place to put our help other people learn more about outdoor adventure activities and what you need to have fun doing them.

Our Mission

Our goal is to provide in depth gear reviews and how to articles to help you enjoy your time outdoors. We want you to feel like you have experienced and seen everything about a piece of gear after reading about it here. We provide lots of images and measurements and comparisons to help you understand which piece of gear is the best. We understand that a lot of activities can be very intimidating to try the first time and want to make it easy for beginners as well as those who are more advanced.

Meet the staff

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Doug Ryan
Co-Founder & Chief Editor

I grew up back east in Pennsylvania and learned to ski on a family trip to Killington, Vermont when I was 6. I immediately fell in love with the mountains and outdoors and have been skiing across the US and Canada ever since. I went to school for Mechanical Engineering, and have a Master’s Degree in Material Science and Reliability.

I am a total gear nerd and love learning how things work and thinking about how they could be improved. Nothing excites me more than trying out new gear. I’d rather spend 3 hours taking my bike apart and learning how to change something than go to a bike shop. These days I reside in Michigan by the Great Lakes and go skiing, biking, and boating as much as possible.

Skiing Author

Kate Ryan
Co-Founder & Editor

Kate is from Taiwan and came to the US after meeting her husband Doug. She has degrees in Fashion Design, Sales, and Marketing. The first thing we did her first winter here was go straight to the mountains and start ski lessons. These days she is an expert black diamond skier and waits for no one at the bottom. She also loves hiking and biking. She comes from Taiwan where people ride scooters way more than cars. She would rather bike or scooter and only drives when she absolutely has to.

AGI Crew hard at work
AGI Staff Paddleboarding