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The Top 10 Best Electric Scooters For Hills Of 2023 Helpful Guide

Updated August 21st, 2023

Best electric scooters for hills

Riding an electric scooter is a lot of fun. Let’s face it. We all don’t live in perfectly flat places where even low powered scooters have an easy time. If you live in a place like San Francisco that has lots of steep hills, you need a scooter made to handle it. You need a scooter with a lot of power to muscle up hills. See our top picks below for best electric scooters for hills. Keep reading for the rest of our recommendations and an electric scooter guide.

1. Best Overall – Varla Pegasus

Varla pegasus product image


  • Power – 1000 watts
  • Max Grade – 25 degree
  • Top Speed – 28 mph
  • Range – 28 miles
  • Max Rider Weight – 280 lbs
  • Scooter Weight – 66 lbs

Overall Score



Ride Quality9.5




What we liked:

  • Tons of power with dual 500 watt motors capable of 1920 watts of power output
  • Long range over 20 miles in real world usage
  • LCD display that is easy to read in all light conditions
  • Smooth ride over bumps and cracks in the road
  • High weight capacity
  • Good stability when riding at higher speeds
  • Big comfortable deck with plenty of foot room

What we didn’t like:

  • Not very nimble at slow speeds under 10mph
  • Only available in one bright color scheme that you will either love or hate
  • Folding mechanism can be difficult to lock closed

The Varla Pegasus is a dual motor scooter that offers much more power and performance than an entry lever single motor scooter. It is still small and light enough that transporting it isn’t a challenge. It is at a sweet spot where it’s fast and powerful but still affordable and not that hard to pick up and carry. It has a smooth ride thanks to it’s dual coil spring suspension and 9 inch air tires.

The Pegasus has dual 500 watt motors that can output 1920 watts of peak power. This gives it plenty of oomph for getting up hills fast. It can climb hills with heavier riders too with its 280 lb weight capacity. It uses a 48 volt 15.6 ah battery that gives it lots of range. We were able to get it to go 25 miles with a heavier rider going normal speeds.

The Pegasus does weigh 66 lbs. I can still pick it up into the back of my SUV without too much effort. It’s right at the limit where one adult can easily pick it up and carry it.

For those who want even more power and range, check out the Varla Ealge One v2 below.

See our review of the Varla Pegasus to learn more.

Pegasus downtown

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2. Top Pick – Gotrax GX1

Gotrax GX1 Product Image


  • Power – 1200 watts
  • Max Grade – not published
  • Top Speed – 32 mph
  • Range – 35-40 miles
  • Max Rider Weight – 300 lbs
  • Scooter Weight – 54 lbs

The Gotrax GX1 is a new high powered electric scooter from Gotrax. Gotrax has made some great electric scooters for commuting and riding around. They always over achieve on performance for their price point. We love our G4 that we’ve been riding for a while. We were really excited to see the details of the GX1, GX2 and GX3 when they were announced.

The GX1 is their first entry into the dual motor high performance arena. It comes with dual 600 watt motors, independent suspension on both wheels. It has dual disc brakes to handle stopping all that power. It promises 32mph top speed and up to 40 miles range. All of this for under $1000.

The base GX1 has 1100 watts of power that should allow it to power up any hill you can find. The GX1 has up to 40 miles of range. There is an upgraded GX2 model with similar specs except for a range of up to 52 miles. It has 3 speed modes to help you keep all the power in check especially for new scooter riders.

The ride should be very smooth with 10 inch offroad tires combined with suspension at both ends.

For those who want even more power check out the Gotrax GX3 with 2000 watts of power.

What we liked:

  • 1200 watts of motor power
  • Retail price under $1000
  • Front and rear suspension
  • Dual disc brakes
  • 3 speed modes
  • Large deck with lots of foot room
  • Extra bright headlight

What we didn’t like:

  • At 54 lbs it’s a bit heavy to carry around
  • Battery can’t be removed

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3. Best Value – GoTrax G5 Electric Scooter

Gotrax G5 product image


  • Top Speed – 20 mph
  • Range – 25 miles
  • Motor – 500 Watt
  • Max Rider Weight – 220 lbs
  • Scooter Weight – 44 lbs
  • Wheels – 10 inch pnuematic
  • Brakes – front and rear drum brakes and electric
Gotrax G5 on path by lake

Overall Score



Ride Quality9.0




What we liked:

  • Lots of go power. Great acceleration and hill climbing performance.
  • Dual brakes give you more control when braking
  • 3 speed levers for sporty performance, eco or walking
  • Big comfortable deck for large adult sized feet
  • Front suspension and 10 inch air tires for smooth ride
  • Cool looking ground effect lights around the side
  • Cruise control for easy riding
  • Electronic combination lock

What we didn’t like:

  • The display is difficult to read in bright day light
  • The combination numbers to unlock the bike are too small on the display
  • A bit heavy for carrying around

The Gotrax G5 electric scooter has a 48 volt battery and 500 watt motor that give it great hill climbing ability. It is a $600 electric scooter that has the performance of a $900-$1000 scooter from any other brand. The G5 impressed us in our hill climbing test and is just plain fun to ride around.

In addition to a lot of power, the G5 also has front suspension, front and rear drum brakes, and 10 inch air tires. It accelerates fast and rides smooth over cracked and broken pavement. The G5 is a great choice for hilly commutes or for people who like to go fast.

The G5 has a top speed of 20mph and range of 25-30 miles.

Gotrax also sells the G6 which is the same scooter design as the G6 but with a 50% bigger battery for those who want to go farther.

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4. Varla Eagle One V2

Varla Eagle One V2 product image


  • Power – 2000 watts
  • Max Grade – 30 degree
  • Top Speed – 40 mph
  • Range – 42 miles
  • Max Rider Weight – 330 lbs
  • Scooter Weight – 82 lbs

The Varla Eagle One V2 is a great high powered, high performance offroad electric scooter. It has dual 1000 watt motors and a 330 lb capacity which means it is a hill climbing beast. The Varla has several drive modes so you can tune the performance to how you want to ride it whether it’s going fast, going long distance, or just all out power. The Varla one has dual suspension combined with offroad air tires and dual hydraulic brakes. It is a very easy to control high performance scooter compared to other big dual motor scooters. Anyone with a little scooter riding experience an handle it.

What we liked:

  • Dual 1000 watt motors
  • 40mph top speed
  • Hydraulic brakes for fast stopping
  • Different operating modes for speed, distance or power
  • Front and rear suspension for comfortable ride
  • Lots of power but still easy to control

What we didn’t like:

  • High price
  • Kickstand is a bit flimsy for the scooter weight

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5. Hiboy Titan PRO


  • Power – 2400 watts
  • Max Grade – 35%
  • Top Speed – 32 mph
  • Range – 40 miles
  • Max Rider Weight – 286 lbs
  • Scooter Weight – 61.7 lbs

The Hiboy Titan PRO is a very high powered, long range elecric scooter. With twin 1200 watt motors it has 2400 watts of power. This scooter has plenty of power for steep hills even with heavier riders. It can handle hills up to 35% grade. The battery capacity allows for up to 40 miles of range. This scooter is built more like a moped than a standard electric kick scooter. This is a serious machine for commuting or just a joy ride at higher speeds. It has a coil sprung and hydraulically damped suspension at both the front and rear wheel along with 10 inch pneumatic wheels. This gives it a very smooth and comfortable ride.

What we liked:

  • Massive power
  • Comfortable smooth ride
  • Powerful disc brakes

What we didn’t like:

  • High price
  • Scooter weight

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6. Segway Superscooter GT2

Segway Superscooter GT2 Product Image


  • Power – 6000 watts
  • Max Grade – 30%
  • Top Speed – 44 mph
  • Range – 55 miles
  • Max Rider Weight – 330 lbs
  • Scooter Weight – 116 lbs

The Segway Superscooter GT2 is an absolute beast of a scooter. It has twin 3000 watt motors along with a 50 volt 30 ah battery. It boasts a 0-30mph time of less than 4 seconds. It can climb up to a 30% grade. To keep this under control the GT2 has 4 speed modes and electronic traction control. It has hydraulic damped front and rear suspension with 11 inch pneumatic self sealing tires.

The 4 speed modes allow you to tone down performance enough that most riders can handle this scooter. When your ready for more performance you set a more advanced mode. The downside to all this performance is the weight. This scooter weighs in over 100 lbs. Don’t expect to carry it with you on the bus. With the range and top speed you won’t need to ride the bus. This is a very high performance scooter with high price for those who want maxium hill climbing performance.

What we liked:

  • Very high power with dual 3000 watt motors and 50 volt battery
  • Smooth suspension with hydraulic damping to keep things under control
  • Very fast acceleration
  • Many speed modes and options to customize ride and performance
  • Electronic traction control

What we didn’t like:

  • Heavy weight and size makes it not that portable
  • Very high price

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7. TurboAnt V8

Turboant V8 product image


  • Power – 450 Watt
  • Max Grade – 15°
  • Top Speed – 20 mph
  • Range – 50 miles
  • Max Rider Weight – 275 lbs
  • Scooter Weight – 47.6 lbs

The TurboAnt V8 is a 450 watt scooter with dual batteries, front and rear suspension, and 9.3 inch pneumatic wheels. It builds off the excellent TurboAnt X7 Max and takes performance to the next level. It has a claimed max grade of 15 degrees or 27%. It will make it up most average hills without problems. It isn’t the most powerful scooter out there but it’s a good compromise between power, price, and portability. The dual batteries are contained in the deck and front tube giving it a clean look. The front tube battery can be swapped for even more range. The extra battery capacity will reduce voltage sag on hills giving it more climbing ability.

The 450 watt motor along with dual batteries gives a nice powerboost over the standard 350 watt scooters out there. The V8 will handle hills better than any $500 350 watt commuter scooter while being more fun to ride too. Overall this scooter is very enjoyable to ride with good range and can make it up most hills.

See our review of the Turboant V8 to learn more.

Learn more about TurboAnt

What we liked:

  • Dual batteries for extra range and more power
  • Removable battery that lets you charge anywhere and swap for even more range
  • Long 50 mile range on a charge
  • Longer wider deck is comfortable for larger foot sizes
  • Smooth ride on 9.3 inch pneumatic wheels and front and rear suspension

What we didn’t like:

  • At 47.6 lbs it is heavy to carry around
  • Not available in Europe
  • Only available in 1 color

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8. Segway Ninebot KickScooter P65

Segway Ninebot max P65 product image


  • Power – 500 watts
  • Max Grade – 22%
  • Top Speed – 21.7 mph
  • Range – 40 miles
  • Max Rider Weight – 264 lbs
  • Scooter Weight – 59 lbs

The Segway Ninebot P65 Kickscooter is designed to be the ultimate commuter scooter. It has 500 watts of power and a max slope of 22% with a max rider weight of 264 lbs. It has a rear wheel drive motor with front hydraulic disc brake. This gives the best traction on hills and the best stopping power going downhill. The scooter has a long 40 mile range. At 65 lbs, this is about the upper end of what you can reasonably carry inside for storage. The scooter has built in lights with a variety of options for night or low visibility riding. This P65 is a great commuter machine with enough power for most hills.

What we liked:

  • Good power for hills
  • Long 40 mile range
  • Dual piston front hydraulic disc brake
  • Advanced lighting with headlights and ambient lights
  • All weather tires with good wet traction

What we didn’t like:

  • Higher cost
  • No suspension

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9. Segway Ninebot MAX


  • Power – 350 watts
  • Max Grade – 20%
  • Top Speed – 18.6 mph
  • Range – 40 miles
  • Max Rider Weight – 220 lbs
  • Scooter Weight – 42 lbs

The Segway Ninebot Max is made to urban terrain and hills. At 42 lbs it is still portable enough to carry onto a subway or into the office. It has a peak power of 350 watts. It will go up most hills without too much struggle. It doesn’t have the beastly hill climbing power of the 1600 watt and up electric scooters. It doesn’t weigh 70 to 120 lbs either. The Segway Max has pneumatic tires and small amount of front and rear suspension giving it a relatively smooth ride. It is packed with a lot of technology. It has easy built in battery charging, an LED display and integrated Bluetooth with a phone app.

What we liked:

  • Good compromise between power and portability
  • High tech clean looking package
  • Long range

What we didn’t like:

  • Not as much hill climbing power as bigger, heavier scooters
  • Range suffers a lot riding hilly terrain

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10. Yume D4+ with Seat


  • Power – 2000 watts
  • Max Grade – 35%
  • Top Speed – 40 mph
  • Range – 40 miles
  • Max Rider Weight – 330 lbs
  • Scooter Weight – 77 lbs

The Yume D4+ is a generic China made scooter with some beastly specs.It has 2000 watts of power from 2 motors. It can go 40mph with a rider up to 330 lbs. It has a long range up for 40 miles. It includes a seat as well. It is built with generic components but everything works well together. Most parts can be found on Amazon/Ebay/Alibaba if something breaks and you need replacements. The only downside about these big powerful scooters is the weight. It might fit in a car but at 77 lbs it’s going to take some effort to lift it into the trunk.

What we liked:

  • Very powerful motors give it a high top speed
  • Damped suspension gives it a comfortable ride. Components hold up to heavier weight riders without wobble.
  • Includes a seat for those who don’t like standing on scooters for long distances
  • Readily available generic service parts

What we didn’t like:

  • Very high price
  • It’s generic so parts are easily available but expect to do all service yourself

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Electric scooters for hills guide – What to look for

There are several things to consider when choosing an electric scooter. Where do you plan on using it? Will you need to carry it on a bus or subway? How steep are the hills you need to ride up? How far do you need it to go? Can you ride a scooter standing up or do you need a seat? See the guide below for answers to all your electric scooter questions.


Power is what makes a scooter go. The more power a scooter has, the bigger hills it can climb and the more weight it can carry. Power is measured in watts. 1 watt is equal to 0.00134 hp. A 1000 watt scooter has 1.34 horsepower. 250 watts is enough power to move a 200 lb adult around on flat ground. 350 watts can move a 200 lb adult up average hills. More is better. 2000 watts can move a 300 lb adult up a steep hill in a hurry.

There are some really high powered scooters out there with thousands of watts of power. If you are interested in learning more about very high powered electric scooters, see my review of the 6 most powerful electric scooters available today.

Max hill grade

We are talking about the best scooters for hill climbing so the max grade is an important number. Most scooters specify the max climbing able in terms of %. A 5% slope is 3 degrees. A 25% slope is 14 degrees. A 50% slope is 26.5 degrees. For reference, a 15% slope is considered a steep road.

Battery Type

Lithium and lead-acid are the 2 most common battery types available in electric scooters today.

  • Lithium – Lithium batteries are newer chemistry that offers much larger capacity for the size and weight than lead-acid batteries. They require special electronics for charging to prevent overcharging which can lead to fires. This is built into the charging system in your scooter if it has lithium batteries. They are also much more expensive than lead-acid batteries.
  • Lead-Acid – Lead-acid batteries are similar to your traditional car battery. They have been around a long time. They are reliable and heavy. Sealed lead-acid batteries are generally maintenance-free. Care has to be taken to avoid over-discharging the battery. Lead-acid batteries lose their charge over time while sitting around. If your lead acid battery scooter isn’t ridden for a while you should charge the battery.

Drive Motors

An electric scooter is driven by an electric motor. The motor can drive either the front or rear wheel of the scooter.

  • Front Drive Motors – Front-drive motors are mounted inside the front wheel hub. These work well when the battery is stored in the front tube of the scooter. They can be used as an electric brake as well since the front brake on any bike or scooter is generally more effective than the rear brake. Your body weight tends to shift forward when braking. One disadvantage of front motors is that they can lead to front-wheel sliding and spin outs when accelerating.
  • Rear Drive Motors – Rear-drive motors drive the scooter rear wheel and can be mounted in the wheel hub or under the scooter deck. These will give a more natural feel since the steering wheel isn’t powered. They have better traction while climbing since your weight is more over the rear wheel.


Some electric scooters are much easier to carry around and store than others. If carrying your scooter into your home or office is important you should look for a more portable scooter. This will be a scooter that is lightweight and with a folding design. These scooters can be easily stored in a closet or under a desk. A lightweight scooter can easily be carried with you on a subway or bus as well.

  • Weight – The lighter weight the scooter is, the easier it is to carry around when your not riding it. A sub 20 lb scooter will be really easy to carry. A 45 lb scooter will be not so easy.
  • Folding – Many scooters are designed for portability and the steering columns fold down. This makes the scooter into a much more compact size for carrying and storage.


Chances are if you live in an area with a lot of hills, you will be going down steep hills in addition to climbing them. Braking is important. Most electric scooters have disc brakes or electronic braking or a combination of the 2.

  • Disc brakes – Disc brakes are the same as what you find in your car or bike. They have a disc mounted on the wheel and a caliper squeezes pads against it to stop. Disc brakes are very effective for stopping and work in wet and dry conditions. Hydraulic disc brakes are better and need less finger effort to stop. Cable pull disc brakes work well also.
  • Electric brakes – Electric brakes use the motor to stop the scooter instead of moving it forward. Some scooters can use the motor to act as a generator to recharge the batteries while braking. This is called regenerative braking. Electric brakes can be powerful and very effective.

Electric scooter safety

Electric scooters can go fast. Riding them on city streets means the potential for accidents involving cars and pavement. Neither one feels good. I recommend always wearing at least a helmet when riding an electric scooter.

See our article on the best bike helmets under $100 for some great helmet choices.

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