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The 6 Best Under $300 Electric Scooters Of 2024 Helpful Guide

Updated November 19th, 2023

Best under $300 electric scooter

Electric scooters have become all the rage lately as an easy and fun way to get around town. There are many good scooters out there for $300-$400. There is a lot of cheap junk too. No one wants to waste money on a bad scooter with poor customer service. We have spent many hours researching and riding electric scooters to come up with the best options available for $300-$400. See our top picks below. Keep reading below for more reviews and an electric scooter guide.

The Top 6 Best Under $300 Electric Scooters

1. Best Overall – TurboAnt M10 Lite

TurboAnt M10 Lite Product Image


  • Top Speed – 16 mph
  • Range – 15.5 miles
  • Motor – 350 Watt
  • Max Rider Weight – 220 lbs
  • Scooter Weight – 30.9 lbs
  • Wheels – 8.5 inch pneumatic
  • Brakes – rear disc, front electric
Woman riding M10 Lite

Overall Score



Ride Quality7.5




What we liked:

  • Excellent low end power and climbing ability
  • Better power than you would expect for the price point
  • Fun to ride
  • Large deck with plenty of room for adult feet
  • Overall light weight
  • Simple and easy to use controls and LCD display
  • 2 speed modes
  • Good range for the price

What we didn’t like:

  • The rear fender carrying hook doesn’t easily latch or stay latched
  • The cruise control can’t be deactivated

The TurboAnt M10 Lite is the latest entry level electric scooter offering from TurboAnt. It is a ton of bang for the buck and maybe the best electric scooter value out there. It is available with coupon for just a little over $300. It has the acceleration and power of a $500 scooter. The M10 Lite is light on cost. It is not light on features and performance.

The M10 Lite has a 350 watt front hub motor. Many scooters in this price range skimp with a 250 watt motor. This gives it much better performance on hills and for carrying heavier riders.

It has a nice roomy 6.3″ deck with plenty of room for adult feet. The 8.5 inch air tires really do a good job of absorbing bumps and cracks in the pavement.

The M10 has 2 speed modes making it perfect for new riders or for letting children ride it. Speed 1 tops out at 10mph and speed 2 lets you hit full speed at 16mph. It can go up to 15.5mph on a full charge which is decent for a $300 budget electric scooter.

It has a simple to use interface with 2 buttons. The cruise control turns on automatically and deactivates with throttle or brake. Anyone can ride and have fun on the TurboAnt M10 Lite.

Learn more about TurboAnt

M10 Lite sitting on bike path

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2. Top Pick – GoTrax Apex

GoTrax Apex product image


  • Top Speed – 15 mph
  • Range – 15.5 miles
  • Motor – 250 Watt
  • Max Rider Weight – 220 lbs
  • Scooter Weight – 32 lbs
  • Wheels – 8.5 inch pneumatic
  • Brakes – rear disc + electric

What we liked:

  • Rear wheel drive gives it better handling and climbing than other cheap scooters
  • Air tires for a smoother ride and more control
  • Clean looking integrated display
  • Good braking performance
  • IPX4 water resistance

What we didn’t like:

  • Not as powerful and slower on hills than more expensive 500 watt scooters.
  • No built in lock like the GoTrax G4

The GoTrax Apex is a new innovative scooter that gives better performance than other $300 scooters. It has rear wheel drive and a deck mounted battery that gives better climbing performance and stability. The 8.5 inch air tires do a good job of absorbing cracks and small potholes in the pavement. It has electronic front brakes and a rear disc brake for good stopping performance too. The Apex has a clean integrated look with a top tube mounted display and simple throttle and brake controls. The 15 mile top speed and 15 mile range are good for short commutes. At 32 lbs it is easy to carry around and store.

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3. Best Upgrade Pick – Hiboy S2R

hiboy s2r product image


  • Top Speed – 19 mph
  • Range – 18 miles
  • Motor – 350 Watt
  • Max Rider Weight – 220 lbs
  • Scooter Weight – 31 lbs
  • Wheels – 8.5 inch solid
  • Brakes – rear disc, front electric
standing with S2R

Overall Score



Ride Quality6.5




What we liked:

  • Removable battery for extra range
  • Good top speed
  • Fun to ride
  • Lightweight and easy to carry
  • App that lets you customize performance and lock the scooter
  • Good hill climbing performance in sport mode

What we didn’t like:

  • Ride is not as smooth as 10″ air tire scooters
  • Cruise control can activate before you reach full speed on Sport mode

The Hiboy S2R has good performance with a removable battery that lets you increase range. It has a 19mph top speed and 18 mile range per battery. It has a sport mode and regular mode that give it different riding performance. An iphone/Android app lets you customize scooter performance. With acceleration turned up it gives much better hill climbing performance than expected. The controls are intuitive and easy to use. 1 button on the display controls headlights, mode and cruise control. The Hiboy S2R costs a little over $300 but is absolutely worth the extra money for the added performance you get.

S2R Overall 1

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4. Most Portable – Segway Ninebot ES1L

Segway Ninebot ES1L Product Image


  • Top Speed – 12.4 mph
  • Range – 12.4 miles
  • Motor – 250 Watt
  • Max Rider Weight – 220 lbs
  • Scooter Weight – 24.3 lbs
  • Wheels – 8 inch hollow
  • Brakes – rear foot, front electric

What we liked:

  • Very lightweight design. Easy to carry anywhere
  • Innovative small compact package
  • Good for adult riders
  • Clean design with no exposed wires

What we didn’t like:

  • Not as powerful as other scooters
  • No disc brake on either wheel

The Segway Ninebot ES1L Electric Kick Scooter is a lightweight scooter you can take anywhere. It weighs in at a tiny 24.3 lbs making it very easy to carry anywhere. With its folding design, it is perfect for carrying on buses or trains to get where you’re going. Once there is it easy to unfold and you are ready to ride. It has a weight limit of 220 lbs making it suitable for adult riders. Its 12 mile range is enough to go exploring wherever you end up. It’s not the fastest or most powerful scooter out there. It’s one of the most portable.

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5. Gotrax GXL V2

Gotrax gxl v2 product image


  • Top Speed – 15.5 mph
  • Range – 12 miles
  • Motor – 250 Watt
  • Max Rider Weight – 220 lbs
  • Scooter Weight – 26.4 lbs
  • Wheels – 8.5 inch pneumatic
  • Brakes – rear disc, front electric

What we liked:

  • Good range
  • Smooth ride due to air wheels
  • Speed and battery life display on top of steering column

What we didn’t like:

  • Top speed not quite as high as advertised
  • Scooter struggles up hills with heavier riders near weight capacity

The Gotrax GXL V2 Commuting Electric Scooter is one of the lowest price scooters available but has some of the best features. It performs great with good range and speed making it a great choice for any scooter rider. This scooter has a folding design with a front-wheel motor, LED headlight and tail light, and an innovative LCD screen. Braking is a combined disc and electric brake system. Riders thought this scooter performed very well with good top speeds and range. The air wheels provide a smooth ride. This scooter struggles on hills for heavier riders near the max rider weight.

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6. TurboAnt M10

Turboant M10 product image


  • Top Speed – 20 mph
  • Range – 18 miles
  • Motor – 350 Watt
  • Max Rider Weight – 220 lbs
  • Scooter Weight – 29.8 lbs
  • Wheels – 10 inch pneumatic
  • Brakes – rear disc + electric

What we liked:

  • Very easy to ride with easy to use controls
  • Smooth ride and good traction thanks to the 10 inch wheels
  • Sporty performance with 20mph top speed

What we didn’t like:

  • Brake lever can be awkward for taller riders
  • Cruise control can’t be disabled

The TurboAnt M10 Folding Electric Scooter is the little brother of the TurboAnt X7 Pro. It retails for a bit over $400 it is well worth the extra spend. Like the X7 Pro, it has 10 inch pneumatic wheels and a 350 watt motor with a 20mph top speed. That is where the similarities end. The M10 has a super easy to use interface and nonremovable battery. It has a control panel built into the handlebars that clearly displays all information. The brake lever and throttle are integrated into the panel. The cruise control activates automatically after riding at constant speed for several seconds. Any beginner rider could learn to ride this scooter in very little time.

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Turboant M10 downtown
Turboant M10 – image courtesty of Turboant

About our electric scooter ratings

We rate electric scooters on 6 factors. The overall score is the average of the 6 factors.

  • Power
  • Range
  • Ride Quality
  • Braking
  • Controls
  • Construction


How much power does the scooter have? How does it do climbing hills? What is the top speed and how fast can the scooter accelerate?


How far will the scooter go? The range is relative to other scooters within the same price range. A $1000 scooter may go 4 times farther than a $300 scooter.

Ride Quality

How smooth is the ride? How does it corner? How comfortable are the handlebars and deck when standing? A scooter with big air tires and suspension will have a much better ride than a rigid frame scooter with solid wheels.


Braking rating is based on how fast the scooter can stop from full speed.


How easy are the controls to operate? Does the LCD screen have enough useful information? How well does the cruise control function work and can you disable it? How easy are the brakes to operate?


How well built is the scooter. We look at things like the frame welding and folding mechanism. Is the folding mechanism reliable and easy to operate? How well integrated are the display and handlebars into the steering tube.

$300 electric scooters guide – What to look for

Electric scooters are a great way to explore cities and parks.  They are great for exploring new places or riding around for fun. They are a perfect way to experience new places without the hassle of driving and parking a car

There are several things to consider when choosing an electric scooter. Where do you plan on using it? Will you need to carry it on a bus or subway? How far do you need it to go? Can you ride a scooter standing up or do you need a seat? See the guide below for answers to all your electric scooter questions.

What is the difference between a $300 and $500 electric scooter?

A $500 electric scooter will have more range, top speed than a less expensive scooter. They also weigh more because they need to carry more battery to get that size and range. $300 electric scooters have a range of 5 to 15 miles. $500 electric scooters have ranges from 15 to 18 miles. $300 electric scooters have top speeds around 15mph. Many $500 electric scooters have top speeds around 18mph. You can find seated scooters at $500. There are none available at $300.


Most electric scooters come with either pneumatic air filled tires similar to what you are used to seeing on a bike or hard plastic or rubber rigid tires.

Solid Tires

Solid tires are low maintenance. They will never go flat due to a puncture.

Pneumatic Tires

Pneumatic tires are air filled. They offer a smoother ride and generally are more efficient. They can get flat tires and need to checked for inflation and topped off regularly.

Both types of wheels will eventually wear out. They can have similar lifespans depending on the quality of the tire and wheel.

Brake type

There are 3 types of brakes an electric scooter might have. Disc, electric, and foot brakes. Frequently they have a combination of multiple types such as electric and disc brakes or electric and foot brakes.

Disc Brakes

Disc brakes offer excellent braking power and reliability. They are mechanical so they may need adjustment to keep them working well. They are costly so they are not often found on really cheap scooters.

Electric Brakes

These brakes work by reversing the motor on the scooter giving it braking power. They generally have poor braking power and can be prone to failure if they are not implemented well. They work best when combined with another brake type such as disc brakes.

Foot Brakes

These work by pressing your heel against the rear wheel of the scooter. They are the least effective form of brake available. They require some finesse and skill on the part of the rider to use since you have to push with your foot while riding the scooter.

Battery Type

Lithium and lead-acid are the 2 most common battery types available in electric scooters today.


Lithium batteries are newer chemistry that offers a much larger capacity for the size and weight than lead-acid batteries. They require special electronics for charging to prevent overcharging which can lead to fires. This is built into the charging system in your scooter if it has lithium batteries. They are also much more expensive than lead-acid batteries.


Lead-acid batteries are similar to your traditional car battery. They have been around a long time. They are reliable and heavy. Sealed lead-acid batteries are generally maintenance-free. Care has to be taken to avoid over-discharging the battery. Lead-acid batteries lose their charge over time while sitting around. If your lead acid battery scooter isn’t ridden for a while you should charge the battery.

Drive Motors

An electric scooter is driven by an electric motor. The motor can drive either the front or rear wheel of the scooter.

Front Drive Motors

Front-drive motors are mounted inside the front wheel hub. These work well when the battery is stored in the front tube of the scooter. They can be used as an electric brake as well since the front brake on any bike or scooter is generally more effective than the rear brake. Your body weight tends to shift forward when braking.

One disadvantage of front motors is that they can lead to front-wheel sliding and spin outs when accelerating.

Rear Drive Motors

Rear-drive motors drive the scooter rear wheel and can be mounted in the wheel hub or under the scooter deck. These will give a more natural feel since the steering wheel isn’t powered. They have better traction while climbing since your weight is more over the rear wheel.


Some electric scooters are much easier to carry around and store than others. If carrying your scooter into your home or office is important you should look for a more portable scooter. This will be a scooter that is lightweight and with a folding design. These scooters can be easily stored in a closet or under a desk. A lightweight scooter can easily be carried with you on a subway or bus as well.


The lighter weight the scooter is, the easier it is to carry around when your not riding it. A sub 20 lb scooter will be really easy to carry. A 45 lb scooter will be not so easy.


Many scooters are designed for portability and the steering columns fold down. This makes the scooter into a much more compact size.

User Interface

All electric scooters have some form of user interface to tell you how much battery you have left. Some interfaces may also tell you things such as speed and how many miles you have remaining. There will almost always be a display on the scooter but they may also have a bluetooth interface to use a phone app.


The display on the scooter can be as simple as a few lights and as complex as a graphical LCD display.

Phone Apps

Some scooters have dedicated phone apps that can give you information such as speed and range and can tell you the state of charge as well. Knowing how charged your scooter is and how much longer it will take to be fully charged can be really useful information.

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