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The Best Winter Tents With Stove Jacks Of 2023 Helpful Guide

Updated July 2nd, 2023

best winter tents with stove jacks

Camping in the winter can be a lot of fun. Coming back from a hard day of fun to sleep in a cold tent doesn’t sound like a lot of fun. Fortunately, there are many winter or 4 season tents designed for use with stoves so you can stay warm. Not only can you have a warm place to sleep at night but somewhere to cook and dry out your gear. If this sounds like a good idea to you then let’s take a look at the best winter tents with stove jacks available today.

Below are our top choices for the best winter tents with stove jacks available today. We considered features, performance, price, durability, and customer reviews in our recommendations. Keep reading below for reviews, hot tent guide, and FAQ.

1. Top Pick – Kodiak Canvas 10×10 Cabin Lodge Tent SR (Stove Ready) ($659)

Kodiac Canvas 10x10 Cabin Lodge Tent Product Image


  • Capacity – 6 person
  • Size – 10.0 ft x 10.0 ft x 7.5ft
  • Packed Size – 30″ x 15″ x 15″
  • Weight – 75 lbs
  • Material – Hydra-shield canvas wall and ceiling, 13.5 oz vinyl floor

The Kodiac Canvas 10 x 10 Lodge Cabin Tent comes ready for any winter adventure with a pre-installed stove jack. Kodiac Canvas tents are known for high quality durable materials and attention to detail. The 10 x 10 Lodge Cabin tent is a smaller version of their popular 12 x 12 tent. It has most of the features in a smaller package.

There is plenty of room for 2 people in this tent along with a stove and gear. If you are using it without a stove you can fit up to 6. 6 will be really cozy without room for much gear. 2 to 4 is a more reasonable realistic capacity.

This tent uses a series of poles that are not freestanding on their own. They are assembled into the sides of the tent. The whole tent is held up by a series of guy lines. This means it requires a couple people to put up. There is an optional center pole to support the tent in heavy snow or rain. It is not included like it is for the 12 x 12 version.

The tent is made from waterproof canvas. 10 oz is used for the ceiling and 8 oz for the walls. The floor uses vinyl. All the materials feel heavy and durable. The stitching shows good attention to detail. The floor uses welded seams for durability. The floor is not removable which is a bit of a miss. Camping in the snow or hunting can be messy and removing the floor can make cleanup a lot easier.

There are plenty of windows and ventilation for use on warmer days. The stove jack has a roll down cover so the tent will stay dry when the stove isn’t being used.

The whole tent package weighs in at 75 lbs meaning most people will need 2 people to carry it. The tent can’t be put up by 1 person so it’s not a big deal.

The Kodiac Canvas 10 x 10 lodge cabin tent is a good tent for a couple people to go winter camping with a stove.

Overall Rating

What we liked:

  • Lots of space inside with high ceiling
  • Lots of windows and ventilation
  • High quality durable materials
  • Weather flap over stove jack hole

What we didn’t like:

  • Frame isn’t freestanding making it hard for 1 person to put up
  • The floor isn’t removable
  • Center support pole is an option but not included

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2. Top Pick – WHITEDUCK Regatta Canvas Bell Tent ($699-$1059)


  • Capacity – 4 person
  • Size – 10 ft x 10 ft x 7 ft 6 inches
  • Packed Size – 39 x 15 x 10 inches
  • Weight – 51 lbs
  • Material – 100% cotton 8.5 oz. Army Duck Canvas

The WhiteDuck Regatta Canvas Bell Tent is a well made canvas tent with stove jack. It is a 4 season tent that can be used in summer and winter. It is available in 3 sizes. 10ft, 13ft, and 16 ft. The tent is made in the USA. Construction and materials are high quality and the tent is very well thought out.

The 10 foot tent will fit 3 people, plus a wood burning stove and all their other gear easily. With 4 people things will get a bit cramped. In the summer, when the stove isn’t needed, there is plenty of room for 4 people.

The tent is made from 100% Army duck canvas with military grade zippers. The construction feels very heavy duty. The seams and stitching look high quality. This tent feels like it is made to last a long time. There are 4 vents in the ceiling of the tent. They stay open when the tent is setup and provide good ventilation. There are storage bags built into the side of the tent for holding your gear.

There is roll up bug screens on the doors, windows and vents making this tent usable in winter or summer.
The tent has a built in stove jack opening. A 5 inch stove jack is included that is made from fire safe material.

The tent includes 2 steel poles for the tent and door. It also includes heavy duty jacks and guy lines with adjusters. The adjusters are very easy to use making tent setup a breeze. Everything you need for setup is included including a rubber mallet. Everything fits into the supplied waterproof bag.

This tent has a full canvas floor which is a nice feature to avoid camping directly on the snow. It is a good idea to use a fire resistant heat mat underneath your stove to avoid damage to the canvas floor. The floor isn’t detachable for those who prefer tents without floors. Camping with a wood stove can create a lot of mess on the floor from wood and debris along with sparks and embers that come off the fire.

The tent is very easy to setup. You stake the tent down around the edge. Put the pole up in the center of the tent and the door pole up. Stake down the guy lines and tension them to pull open the tent sides.

The tent weighs a little over 50 lbs. It isn’t going to be a backpacking tent. It is great for camping near your vehicle. In the winter you can use a sled for dragging around the tent and stove if you need to take it a bit farther away.

There are a variety of accessories available for White Duck tents. These include awnings, room dividers, wind brakes, and more.

The WhiteDuck Regatta Bell Tent is a great choice for those wanting a well made 4 season tent. It is available in several sizes to match your group or family needs. This makes it my top pick among the best winter tents with stove jacks.

Overall Rating

What we liked:

  • Made in the USA with high quality heavy duty materials
  • Simple and easy to setup
  • Included tent stove jack made from fire resistant materials

What we didn’t like:

  • The floor isn’t made of fire resistant materials
  • The floor is not detachable

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3. Best Value – OneTigris Rock Fortress ($289)


  • Capacity – 4-6 people
  • Size – 12.4 ft diameter 7.8 ft tall
  • Packed Size – 22.8 x 7.8 x 7.8 inches
  • Weight – 9.2 lbs
  • Material – 70D Silicon-coated Nylon Fabric with YNS zipper

The OneTigris Rock Fortress Hot Tent is a great light weight hot tent with a stove jack. It weighs in at just over 9.2 lbs including the tent, pole, guy lines, and stakes, and rolls up into a very compact bag. It is available at a price much lower than most other winter tents with stove jacks. It isn’t the normal big, heavy, bulky, winter camping tent.

The tent comes in a generously sized stuff sack. There is plenty of roof in the sack for the tent, pole, lines, and stakes. For once a tent manufacturer didn’t make a bag that just barely fits the tent with 0mm of extra material.

The tent is big enough for a few people and their gear plus a stove. 6 people would be very cramped. There is plenty of room to work around the stove and make a working area for your firewood and cooking.

This tent is simple. It has one pole in the middle. A pole is included but you can also use a trekking pole, branch to hold it up. There is a loop at the top so you can use a rope and hang it from a tree as well. It gives you many options.

The included pole is fixed in length. An adjustable pole would have been a nice addition. There is nothing included to put under the pole to keep it from sinking into the ground. You right want to find a plastic base or bring along a small wood board to set it on.

The tent has 11 guy lines attachment points to help hold it out. 5 on each side of the door. This allows you to stretch it out pretty good and open up the inside. It makes it very secure from wind or heavy rain and snow. They include 10 guy lines with the tent.

The nylon does stretch a little after you set the tent up so you might need to go out and tighten the lines a little. This is where an adjustable pole would have been nice to help take up the tent stetch.

The tent is made of 70D Silicon-coated Nylon Fabric. It should have excellent waterproofing and durability. All the seams are welded and taped together for better water resistance. The construction of the tent is solid and well made.

The tent uses a quality YNS zipper that is will keep out any rain or wind drafts coming through the zipper. We would prefer this had a double zipper because it gives you more options for venting. The second zipper gives you a backup if one zipper breaks.

An extra set of tent stake out points inside of the tent allows you to stake it very low to the ground. This allows the edge of the tent to work as a snow flap to keep out any drafts or new snow/rain.

There is an optional mesh inner tent available that has mesh sides and nylon floors. This allows you to turn the Rock Fortress into a 4 seasons tent for summer when you don’t need a stove.

You might need to angle the stove pipe a little to keep it from overheating and melting tent material. The tent is fairly steep so the pipe will be very close to the rolled up stove jack cover. The cover has a loop to hold it rolled up. It’s a tight fit and difficult to use. lightweight

The tent has vents at the top but they don’t stay open well because of their design. If ventilation is a big concern for you, you may need to prop them open with something.

Overall the OneTigres Rock Fortress is a great tent with a stove jack for winter camping with with a few people. If you want a great value, small easy to use tent this could be the winter tent for you. This is by far the best value out there for a tent with a stove jack.

Overall Rating

What we liked:

  • Lightweight design and low cost
  • Taped seams and water resistant zipper for use in wet and windy weather
  • Big enough inside for 4 people, a stove, all their gear with room to work on a fire and cooking

What we didn’t like:

  • You may need to angle your stove pipe to avoid heat damage to the tent due to the steepness of the tent

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4. Best Glamping Tent With Stove Jack – Stout Bell Tent Ultimate Series 100% USA Cotton Canvas ($909)


  • Capacity – 5 person
  • Size – 16.0 ft x 16.0 ft x 9.75ft
  • Weight – 90 lbs
  • Material – USA Sourced 100% natural cotton canvas. 596gsm PVC floor

The Stout Ultimate Series Bell Tent is made in the USA and uses USA sourced canvas. It has very heavy duty construction with great materials and attention to detail. There are 2 versions of this tent. A regular version and a pro version. The pro version has a stove jack, removable floor and bug screen along the entire bottom. You can learn more about Stout Tents here.

The 5M or 16 foot version of the tent has plenty of room for 5 people to sleep on single beds. For those looking for more of a glamping experience it can fit a queen bed, plus wood burning stove with ease.

The materials and construction of this tent are first rate. The canvas is waterproof and heavy duty feeling. The floor is made from heavy weight PVC. The floor can zip out and removed. One great feature of this tent for summer camping is the bug screen. It goes around the entire skirt of the tent. You can unzip the floor and roll up the lower part of the sides.

The floor is PVC. If you plan to use a woodburning stove inside of the tent you should put down a fire mat or not use the floor. There is a built in stove jack for use with a wood stove.

The door to the tent features and A-frame pole so that you don’t need to walk through a pole entering the tent. For a large tent, a taller door would have been nice. It’s only 52 inches so almost all of us will be ducking going in and out. The ceiling is over 9 feet in the middle so plenty of height once you are inside. The door has a very nice bug screen built in as well for 4 season use.

Setup is easy and can be done in 20 to 30 minutes. The tent comes with high quality heavy duty stakes and guy lines with adjusters. It will stand up any kind of weather you can throw at it.

This is a really big tent and is heavy coming in at close to 90 lbs. Plan on having some help carrying this to your camp site due to the size and weight.

The Stout Ultimate Series Bell tent is a great, really well made tent with lots of features. As a bonus it’s produced in the USA. It’s hard to beat this tent for glamping or small group camping.

Overall Rating

What we liked:

  • Made in the USA and USA sourced canvas
  • Very heavy duty strong construction
  • Bug liner around the entire lower portion of the tent

What we didn’t like:

  • Short door opening for a large tent
  • High price

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5. Best Wall Tent With Stove Jack – WHITEDUCK Alpha Canvas Wall Tent ($1699)


  • Capacity – 8 person. Larger sizes available
  • Size – 10ft x 12ft x
  • Weight – 195 lbs
  • Material – Grade-A premium 10.10 oz. Double Fill “Army Duck Canvas” fabric. 16oz PVC floor

The WhiteDuck Alpha Canvas Wall Tent is an excellent, very well made huge tent. The tent comes in several sizes. The smallest size can fit 8 people or 2 couples glamping style. It is made of heavy duty Army duck canvas with a heavy duty PVC floor.

Everything about this tent looks like it was built to last and withstand any weather you could put it up in. Everything from the canvas to poles and stakes looks like it would survive a hurricane.

This tent is big. It has a big structure to go with it. You don’t have a pole in the center of the tent to work around making it feel much larger. The tent structure is made up of aluminum poles. The poles are bungeed together to make it easier find the right poles during assembly. The poles are held together with some very heavy duty looking gusseted brackets. The pole bases have built in stakes to keep them from moving around after the tent is up.

Assembly takes at least 2 people and more is helpful. You have to build the tent frame first and then put the canvas over it. The detached free floating floor gets put in last. It’s not a quick process. With 2 people expect to spend at least an hour putting it up the first time.

Some nice features you’ll notice are the bungee attachments used to attach the guy lines. These are so that the tent can flex and give a little in heavy wind and snow. The tent won’t pull the stakes out of the ground. The included takes are huge and look like they would never come out. Mother nature can find a way to undo almost any structure when she wants to.

The tent has a built in stove jack for using it in the winter. If you plan on using a wood burning stove inside the tent you should get the fire resistant version. There are 2 versions sold. One with fire resistant material. One without fire resistant material. If you use the stove with the floor in place, you should use a fire resistant mat under the stove.

The tent has windows with bug screens and plastic window panes that can be rolled up. Outside there are canvas coves over the windows that can roll up. You can have an open window with bug screen. A window with the plastic down so you can get sunlight but stay warm. You can roll down the canvas to keep it dark inside.

This tent weighs 190 lbs. You will need at least one friend and maybe a few to help move this around and put it up. This is the only real downside to this tent beside the very high cost.

The WhiteDuck Alpha Wall Tent is a great tent for those wanting something big and are willing to pay for high quality and durability. It could be the last wall tent you ever need to buy.

Overall Rating

What we liked:

  • Huge space inside the tent
  • Built in windows and ventilation
  • Very strong well thought out structure

What we didn’t like:

  • Very high cost
  • High weight. Takes more than one person to carry and put up

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6. Playdo 4-Season Waterproof Cotton Canvas Bell Tent ($699)


  • Capacity – 3 people (Bigger versions also available)
  • Size – 9.8 ft x9.8 ft x 8.2ft tall
  • Packed Size – 35.4 x 11.8 x 11 inch
  • Weight – 42.4 lbs
  • Material – 300gsm cotton material with SBS zippers. PVC floor

The Playdo 4-Season Waterproof Cotton Canvas Bell Tent is a nice full featured tent. Playdo is a Chinese company with their tents produced in China. To learn more about Playdo see their website here.

This tent is well made with heavy duty feeling canvas and PVC floor. The zippers and mesh all feel like they will last a long time. The tent can stand up to severe weather. Some people were missing parts when the tent arrived. Customer service seems to take care of them pretty quick.

Setup is easy. You lay the tent out. Stake it into the ground. Put the pole up in the middle. Attach a few guy lines. Put the door pole in place and attach the reset of the guy lines. The guy lines have tensioners in them. They have a tendency to slide a bit under heavy load. If you plan on using this tent a lot in heavy weather you might want to replace them.

One nice feature about the door is the A-Frame pole. You don’t have a pole in the middle of your door to walk around or risk knocking over when going in and out of the tent. It would be nice if the door was taller. For 6′ tall people you will have to crouch walking in and out of the tent. The door on the largest available version is still only 70 inches tall.

The tent has mesh screens on the door, windows and vents so it can be used as a 4 season tent when you don’t need the stove. The vents are adequate and the floor window vents give a nice amount of air flow through the tent when they are open.

The floor is made of PVC and can be unzipped. The tent can be put up without a floor. The floor can be put down but unzipped and the edges of the tent rolled up for extra ventilation. If you want to use a stove inside the tent with the floor attached you should use a fire proof mat to protect the floor.

A 5 inch stove jack is included for using a wood burning stove. The the stove jack opening is a little small. We would like to see more space for fire resistant material between the canvas and the stove pipe.

The 3 person version has plenty of room for 2 people. For those interested in glamping, the 4M version has plenty of room for a queen sized bed. With a stove, the 3M version can be a bit cramped after you put in the stove and everything you need to go with it. If you are using a big heavy tent to have lots of space, you should get at least the 4M size.

Overall the Playdo 4 Season Bell Tent is a great value for what you get. It has many features only found on much more expensive tents.

Overall Rating

What we liked:

  • High quality, heavy duty construction
  • Floor is detachable
  • Stands up to heavy weather and rain

What we didn’t like:

  • The door height is short for the size of the tent.
  • The stove jack opening is a little small

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Winter tent with stove jack guide

What is a winter tent with a stove jack? A stove jack is an opening in the tent ceiling or wall that you can pass a stove chimney pipe through. These are sometimes called “Hot tents” as well. This lets you have a wood burning stove inside of your tent to keep you warm at night. It lets the fire exhaust out so you won’t suffocate or smell like wood smoke for the next week. Stove jacks should be made from fire resistant material. Sometimes they aren’t so you need to check. Lets look at some of the things to look for when you are trying to find the best winter tents with stove jacks.

Why use a wood burning stove to heat your tent

There are many pros and cons to having a wood burning stove inside your tent. The best part being having a fire inside of your tent to stay warm. The worst part is also having a fire inside of your tent and all the hazards that can come with it. Lets look at why you might or might not want a wood burning stove in your tent this winter.


  • Warm tent and place to cook inside – Everyone likes to stay warm at night. If your camping in a snow storm, cooking outside in the snow is not easy or fun. A hot tent lets you have a warm place to sit and enjoy cooking and eating out of the weather.
  • Good for drying off gear – The heat from a wood burning stove can quickly dry off all of your wet gear. If you have been out hunting or snowmobiling, it’s nice to have somewhere you can dry your gear so you can start the next day warm and dry. No one likes to wake up and put on cold wet gear.
  • Room for lots of people – There are small hot tents out there. Most 4 season hot tents are sized from 4 to as big as 20 people. That means lots of space to sleep and also lots of place to put gear. If you’re into glamping these are great tents that can hold large beds and lots of camping furniture
  • Having a fire inside your tent – There is just something special about sitting around a fire. Having a wood burning stove inside your tent gives you something to sit around and watch. For glamping, what is more luxurious than having a wood burning stove next to your bed?


  • Fire hazards – The biggest downside to having a fire inside your tent is the fire itself. Fires emit carbon monoxide which is both odorless and deadly. You have to take some precautions to burn a fire inside your tent safely. Wood burning stoves will throw off sparks and embers both from the stove itself and out the chimney. You need to be careful of both. See this article from the CDC to learn more about the dangers of Carbon Monoxide.
  • Setup time – Adding a wood burning stove to your tent will add to the setup time. Not only do you need to pitch a tent. You need to setup a wood burning stove inside the tent. You have to pay attention to which way your tent sits with the wind. You need to make sure the area around your tent and the stove inside is safe from fire.
  • Heavy bulky tents – There are some small backpacking winter tents with stove jacks. Most tents that have stove jacks are large. You need to have enough space for you to sleep and to have a wood burning stove and a wood supply inside. These things need space so that means a bigger tent. A bigger tent means bigger tent poles and more stakes to hold it down. 4 Season tents for use in the winter tend to use heavier materials. Be ready for a large bulky tent to pack and take with you camping.

What to consider when looking for a winter tent with stove jack

Size of Tent

How many people will be sleeping in your tent? Will everyone be sleeping on single mats or cots? If your more of the luxury camping mindset you might want room for a large bed and some tent furniture. A small teepee tent might be great for one person camping out in the backwoods. For glamping you might want a 15 foot bell tent that will feel more like an outdoor resort. Find a tent that is big enough for your needs but something you can still manage to carry and setup.

Tent Style and shape

Different tent shapes work better for different uses. If you have a large group of people and want to set up tables and beds, you may not want a tent pole in the middle of your tent. A wall tent may be better for you. If your looking for a minimalist experience a small teepee with a single pole may be the best. For glamping, bell tents with tall ceilings and lots of room seem to be the preferred way to go. Think about what you want to put inside of your tent and what will work best when buying a winter tent with stove jack.


If you are buying a tent to use with 1 or 2 people, you probably do not want to get a wall tent that weighs 200 lbs. If your camping with a group of 6 people you need more than a small teepee tent. With 6 people you have the manpower to carry and put up a very large tent. How far from your vehicle will you be putting up the tent. Can you fit the tent on a sled to easily drag it to your campsite? Don’t buy a tent that is too big to get to your campsite with the people you have.

Tent Materials

The most common materials for 4 season tents are canvas and nylon.

  • Canvas – Canvas is heavier but it is also breathable and more durable. A canvas tent will be much heavier. Canvas materials are treated with waterproofing. The waterproofing may need to get wet once for it to fully set into the material and be waterproof. Canvas can be treated with a fire resistant coating. It is not always treated. If you buy a canvas tent and you want to use a stove make sure it was treated for fire resistance and water proofing.
  • Nylon – Nylon is much lighter weight than canvas. The downside to nylon is it melts. You have to be careful and pay attention to the stove jack and make sure your chimney pipe isn’t too close to any nylon. A tent made of nylon is meant to be lightweight so it may not stand up to heavy weather as well as a canvas tent. It all depends on the tent design. Nylon tents can be very strong too.

Setup ease

A simple a teepee tent is going to be much easier to setup than a complex wall tent. If you are camping by yourself or with 1 other person, make sure your tent is something you can handle putting up. A 200 lb wall tent can be very overwhelming for 2 people to put up. You don’t want to spend your entire camping trip putting up and taking down your tent. Your camping to enjoy the outdoors, not pitching tents. The below video has some good information on setting up a wood stove in a canvas tent.


Like everything else in life, when buying a tent, you get what you pay for. Determine a budget for your tent and find the best tent you can that fits your needs. Buying bigger isn’t always better. Bigger means more room in your tent. Bigger also means you need a bigger stove or more than one stove to heat it. Bigger also means more to carry around and store.

Safety tips for using a wood burning stove inside of a tent

  • Use common sense. Don’t keep flammable materials on or near your stove inside of the tent. It’s a good idea to have a fire extinguisher close by just in case. Fires aren’t the most predicable things in the world and you never know when things won’t go right.
  • Orient your tent so that the stove jack is on the downwind side. You don’t want the wind blowing sparks and embers back onto your tent.
  • Use a fire mat or other fire resistant material under your stove. You don’t want to damage the floor of your tent from the heat coming off your stove and the stove feet.
  • Don’t use a stove inside your tent that wasn’t designed to be used inside a tent. Carbon monoxide from the burning flame is hazardous and deadly. You need a stove designed so that all the exhaust will go up the chimney and out the jack.
  • Use a fly tarp to protect the top of your tent from the sparks and embers coming out of the stove chimney. Make sure that the tarp you use has some fire resistance or you could make the situation worse.
  • Always use a carbon monoxide alarm inside your tent. Carbon monoxide is odorless and will put you to sleep permanently.

The below video has some good information on carbon monoxide and wood burning tent stoves.

Winter tent with stove jack FAQ

Q: How do you heat a tent in the winter?

There are a variety of ways to heat a tent in the winter. You can use a wood burning stove if your tent has a tent jack. You can use an indoor safe propane heater. If you have a nearby electric outlet you can use a small electric heater. You can also use heated rocks from your fire. See our article on how to keep tent warm in winter for more information.

Q: What is the best tent for cold weather?

A 4 season tent will work much better in the winter then a summer or 3 season tent. 4 season tents are made from thicker, more heavy duty materials. They have more ventilation so your tent doesn’t stay full of moisture. Some 4 season tents have stove jacks so you can heat them with wood burning stoves.

Q: How do you insulate a camping tent for winter?

There are a variety of ways you can insulate a tent for winter camping. You can gather leaves and put them under the tent to act as an insulating barrier to the ground. You can use space blankets hung up inside the tent to reflect heat back into it. You can put a tarp over the tent. You want to make sure you don’t block the tent ventilation or you’ll have a very wet tent by morning. See our article on ways to keep your tent warm in winter for more information on insulating your tent.

Q: Do you need a special tent for winter camping?

You don’t need a special tent for winter camping. You can use a warmer sleeping bag and insulate your summer tent. A 4 season tent meant for winter camping will make the experience much more enjoyable. If you only winter camp every now and then it may not be worth it to buy a 4 season tent. If you go winter camping a lot it definitely is worth investing in a good 4 season winter tent.

Q: Is sleeping in a car warmer than a tent?

A car can make a good place to sleep at night while camping. It will protect you from the wind and rain. It really isn’t insulated any better than a tent. You should do all the same things for sleeping in a car that you would in a tent. Use a good sleeping bag. Sleep in an insulating mat. Keep the windows cracked open for ventilation.

Q: Can you sleep in a tent in the winter?

Yes, you can sleep in a tent in the winter. Any tent will do with the right setup. A hot tent with a stove can be very warm and cozy for winter camping. Mountaineers going to Mt Everest have been sleeping on tents in very cold, very harsh climates. You can sleep in a tent in any season and any type of weather.

Q: What is too cold to sleep in a tent?

No temperature is too cold for sleeping in a tent. It is all about being prepared for the conditions you will camp in. Having the right sleeping bag, clothes, and gear will allow you to tent camp in any temperature.

Q: How do campers stay warm at night?

Having the right gear for winter camping can make the coldest nights feel warm. To stay warm at night you need to wear warm clothes. You need to setup your tent for a cold night. Insulating the tent can help. Using a hot tent with a wood burning stove can be very warm and cozy.

Q: How can I keep my tent warm without electricity?

You can use a variety of ways to heat your tent without electricity. A wood burning stove is a great option if your tent has a stove jack. Don’t put a wood burning stove in a tent without one that has no way for the smoke to leave the tent. You can also use a small propane heater that was designed for indoor use in confined spaces. Don’t use one that isn’t or the fumes can kill you. A great time tested way to heat things is using hot rocks. Heat rocks up in a fire and put them in your tent. The heat from the rocks will radiate and keep you warm.

Q: Should you put a tarp under your tent?

It is a good idea to use a tarp under your tent to protect the bottom of the tent. A tarp is much cheaper than replacing your tent after you tear holes in the bottom. In the winter you can pile leaves on the ground, then cover them with a tarp and put your tent on the tarp. This is a good way to insulate your tent from the ground.

If you are using a wood burning stove inside of your tent, only use fire resistant materials under it. Most tarps are not fire resistant. Use a fire resistant matt under the stove. Use a large enough mat to cover the area where sparks and embers can get to flying out of the stove.

Q: How can I camp without electricity?

What do you need electricity for when camping? You can use a wood fire for cooking or a propane stove. You can heat water with a fire or solar energy. You can heat a tent in the winter with a wood burning stove or propane heater. If you think about it, you can do almost anything you would need to do without electricity if you prepare for it.

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