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Can You Put A Motor On A kayak? How To Motorize Your Inflatable Kayak

Updated December 1st, 2023

Sometimes you’re not in the mood to paddle and you still want to go out on the water. You want to go farther away and you’re not sure you have the paddling endurance to do it. Maybe you have an injury that makes paddling difficult. Maybe you really like fishing from a kayak but you don’t like paddling a kayak. There are many reasons you might want to put a motor on your kayak. Can you put a motor on a kayak? Absolutely you can. There are both kits, DIY ways to do it and kayaks that come from the factory with motors. Let’s explore some of the options for putting a motor on your kayak.

Can you put a motor on a kayak? Available options

There are a ton of ways to put a motor on a kayak. They range from really simple DIY options to pretty fancy kit solutions.

DIY motor mounts

A DIY mount can be as simple as a 2×4 screwed to your kayak. Some things to consider. You need to be able to reach the motor to control it. If your motor doesn’t have a remote way to control speed and direction it needs to be where you can comfortable reach it. The closer to the middle of the kayak you put the motor, the harder it will be to steer the kayak.

When the motor is at the end and you turn it, the thrust from the motor will turn the kayak. When the motor is at the middle of the kayak and you turn it, the thrust will try to flip your kayak over. The below video is a good example of a really simple DIY mount that could be applied to almost any kayak.

What if you have an inflatable kayak and want to add a motor mount to it? Can you still do it? Yes, no problem. Below is an example of a mount built for a cheap inflatable kayak.

Some people have done pretty involved things to their inflatable kayaks. The below example shows where they made a complete floorboard. With some creativity you can do some amazing things to inflatable kayaks.

Kit motor mounts

There is kit made kayak mounts for those less adventurous or who want something more professional looking than a 2×4. An aluminum or stainless steel bar may also last longer than a 2×4 out in the sun and water. Below are examples of kit kayak motor mounts for rigid and inflatable kayaks.

RAILBLAZA Kayak Motor Mount

RAILBLAZA kayak motor-mount product image
  • Simplest way to attach a trolling motor to your kayak
  • Includes all necessary hardware
  • Quick transition from paddle only to motor ready
  • Able to add RailMount 32-41s for added customization
  • Some Assembly Required

Brocraft Inflatable Kayak Electric Motor Mount

Brocraft inflatable kayak motor mount product image
  • Adjustable for different hull widths
  • Two side Glue-On Pad can fit PVC inflatable boats or PVC SUP Paddle Board (glue not supplied)
  • Marine grade aluminum track bar , Aluminum motor mount Super Strong, two side Nylon material protection motor clamp,NOT INCLUDE MOTOR
  • Includes two years warranty

Kayaks with motors

Most popular kayak makers such as Old Town and Hobie produce powered kayaks. Many of their non-powered kayaks have motor options available. Below is one of the more popular motorized kayaks available.

Old Town Sportsman AutoPilot 120 Motorized Fishing Kayak

Old Town Sportsman Autopilot 120 Motorized Kayak product image
  • Equipped with a saltwater-ready, GPS-enabled Minn Kota trolling motor, the Old Town Sportsman AutoPilot 120 motorized kayak allows you to propel and maneuver using the Bluetooth-connected i-Pilot remote. Motor battery is not included.
  • This high-end fishing machine gets you to your favorite fishing spot faster and keeps you “anchored” using Minn Kota’s Spot-Lock technology to maintain position on the water so your hands are free to cast, change lures, and reel in the big ones.
  • All Old Town Sportsman fishing kayaks are packed with handy convenience features, including customizable accessory tracks, cushioned floor pads for both better comfort and grip, a custom tackle box, and plenty of rod holders.

Motor options for your kayak

Electric trolling motors

Minn Kota is the most popular brand of electric trolling motor. There are many options out there. You should choose a motor that has the shortest shaft possible. A 30 inch or less shaft is long enough. You are mounting your trolling motor much closer to the water than on a bass boat.

You don’t need much power. A small motor is enough to get your moving as fast as you could paddle your kayak. If your motor has too much thrust you will have problems controlling the kayak. It will roll easily when you try to turn.

You will normally get several hours of run time out of your trolling motor. The duration you get will depend on your motor and battery combination. Pay attention to the current draw of the motor and capacity of the battery to determine how long you can run.

Minn Kota Endura Transom Mount Trolling Motor

Minkota Endurance Trolling motor product image
  • Lever Lock Bracket: This solid 10-position bracket features a quick-release lever lock and reinforced composite material that resists flexing, warping, and UV damage
  • Telescoping Tiller: Get easy, comfortable, intuitive operation of your trolling motor with the six-inch telescoping tiller.
  • 5 Fwd/3 Rev Speed Settings: Five speed settings for forward and three speed settings for reverse.
  • Power Prop: For 3-1/4″ motor diameters, this prop delivers extra power to push throw heavy vegetation. Includes prop pin, nut and washer.
  • Indestructible Composite Shaft — for Life: At the core of your Minn Kota trolling motor is an indestructable composite shaft. It’s a Minn Kota exclusive, and we it for life.

Fin motors

Some smart individual came up with a motor attached to an SUP fin that could be attached to SUP boards. There is no reason you can’t attach these to kayak. The below video shows an example mounted to an inflatable SUP. It attaches under an inflatable kayak in the same way.

Boost Surfing Motorized Fin

Boost surfing motorized fin product image

To use with an inflatable kayak you need to add a fin box. Below is an adhesive US Fin box that can be glued onto the bottom of any inflatable kayak.

air7 Fin Box for Inflatable SUP Stand Up Paddleboards

Air7 Fin Box product image
  • GENUINE AIR7 FIN BOX (V2) : the industry standard since we introduced it in 2010, we are the manufacturer and trademark owner of AIR7 products! US box is used on most leading brand inflatable SUP and surfboards, go with the industry leader : Genuine AIR7 !
  • TOUGH POLYCARBONATE PLASTIC fin box, to see how we test, search YouTube for “air7 fin box testing”, we also have instructional videos showing how to install , repair , replace or upgrade your SUP.
  • PVC FABRIC ATTACHED, the fin box is ready to install on your inflatable SUP as a replacement or upgrade part, you only need to supply the PVC glue: apply glue to both SUP and the PVC attached to the box, wait a few minutes and press together, smooth out bubbles with a mallet or handle of a screw driver.

Small gas outboards

For those who don’t want to use an electric motor and battery, you can use a small gas outboard too. A less than 2 hp motor is preferred. They mount the same way as a trolling motor on the same type of mounts. Most have self contained fuel tansk so you don’t need to figure out where to put a gas tank in your kayak.

Coleman Powersports 2.6 hp Outboard Motor

Coleman 2hp outboard product image
  • Lightweight (37.5lb), quiet, 4-stroke motor, 31 gallon internal gas Tank
  • Easy start tci ignition
  • F-n/360 degree steering
  • 1 cylinder OHV engine
  • CE & epa Approval
  • Quiet efficient 4 stroke motor
  • Engineered for lightweight, quiet, reliable operation, the Coleman Four Stroke Outboard Motor is great for small boats, inflatable boats or used as an auxiliary trolling motor.

For fun, below is a video of someone who put a 5hp engine on their kayak. It looks like a lot of fun. Do so at your own risk. Endless Rush Outdoors is not responsible for anyone trying to do something like this.

How fast can a trolling motor push a kayak

You will probably not be rocketing along up on plane on your motorized kayak. Your kayak will go as fast as you could paddle it. Somewhere in the neighborhood 5 miles per hour. A longer kayak that could paddle faster is going to be faster with a motor on it than a short slow kayak.

Kayak hulls aren’t shaped to plane out. They won’t plane easily and won’t handle well if they do. Unless you really overpower it with a 5hp or more outboard you won’t get it to plane and go above hull speed. Look here to learn more about hull speed.

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