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Best Full Suspension EBikes Guide [Tests and Reviews]

When you want to adventure offroad on an ebike, full suspension can make the ride much more comfortable. It can give you more control over rough terrain. If you are an aggressive rider and like to jump and take big drops, nothing but full suspension will do. There are tons of choices out there, from … Read more

7 Best Ebike Helmets Guide [Test and Reviews]

Riding an ebike is a lot of fun and they are a great way to get around without a car. You want to be safe while riding your ebike which means wearing a helmet. Is any bike helmet good enough for riding an ebike? The answer is no. You want a helmet designed to protect … Read more

7 Best Cruiser EBikesGuide [Tests and Reviews]

Cruiser ebikes are bikes that are just meant to be enjoyable to ride around on. Many of them have the look of retro beach cruisers with swept back handlebars and low slung curved frames. The emphasis is on comfortable upright riding positions and riding on pavement or smooth surfaces. There are a wide range of … Read more

7 Best Folding EBikes Guide [Test and Reviews]

Folding ebikes are a great option for people with limited storage space. You can transport them in a car or SUV without using a hitch rack. They make great travel companions to keep in an RV for exploring after you arrive. How do you know which folding ebike is the best for you? There are … Read more

7 Best Commuter EBikes Guide [Test and Reviews]

Commuter EBikes are like the modern sports sedan of electric bikes. They have great handling, they can carry some gear, and they are just plain fun to ride. They are a lot more fast and nimble feeling than bigger fat tire ebikes. They are easier to pick up and put on a rack for travelling … Read more

7 Best Fat Tire EBikes Guide [Test and Reviews]

The Electric Fat Tire Bike is the big SUV of the electric bike world. They are comfortable with big fat cushy tires. They can handle almost any terrain from dirt roads, mud, and snow to pavement. They can be used in place of ATVs where noise is a concern. They make great cruising bikes if … Read more

7 Best Ebikes For Big Guys Guide [Test and Reviews]

Electric Bikes are a great way to get around these days. They can be fast and exciting to ride. If you are a bigger guy, finding a bike with enough power can be a challenge. Don’t lose hope. There are many good electric bike options out there for you that have plenty of power for … Read more

7 Best Electric Bikes Under $500 Guide [Test and Reviews]

Electric Bikes are a great way to get around these days. They can be fast and exciting to ride. You can take them on public transportation too. Electric bikes are much less expensive than driving a car for your commute and errands. There are many great e-bikes out there for very reasonable prices these days. … Read more