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Aventon Pace 500 3 – Fun Ultra Smooth Cruiser EBike

A classic cruiser ebike with swept back bars and a smooth feeling torque sensor that will make you forget it’s an ebike. Best Overall – Best Cruiser EBikes Best Cruiser Ebike – Best Electric Bikes Under $2000 Manufacturer and Model: Aventon Pave 500.3List Price: $1599Available from: Aventon Overall Score Power8.0 Range8.0 Ride and Handling9.5 Braking9.5 … Read more

Aventon Sinch 2 Folding EBike – Great Fun Bike and it Folds Too!

A folding ebike with sturdy construction and a torque sensor that is nimble and fun to ride. Overall Best – Best Folding EBike Manufacturer and Model: Aventon Sinch.2List Price: $1499Available from: Aventon Overall Score Power8.5 Range9.0 Ride and Handling9.0 Braking8.5 Controls9.0 Assembly9.5 Summary The Aventon Sinch.2 is a folding ebike that is easy to transport … Read more

Heybike Mars 2.0 Folding EBike – Small on Space, Big on Adventure

A compact folding ebike that is ready to adventure with lots of power and a heavy duty rack. Best Offroad Bike – Best Folding Ebikes Best Folding Bike – Best EBikes for Big Guys Manufacturer and Model: Heybike Mars 2.0List Price: $1249Available from: Heybike & Amazon Overall Score Power9.5 Range9.0 Ride and Handling8.5 Braking8.5 Controls9.0 … Read more

KBO Breeze ST – Great Range Entry Level Commuter Bike

A fun and friendly to ride, budget commuter ebike, with long range, nimble handling, and good power. Best Value – Best Commuter EBike Manufacturer and Model: KBO Breeze STList Price: $1199Available from: KBO & Amazon Overall Score Power9.0 Range9.5 Ride and Handling9.0 Braking8.5 Controls8.5 Assembly8.0 Summary The KBO Breeze ST has all the features that … Read more

Himiway Cobra – Dual Suspension Fat Tire Electric Bike

Extra wide fat tires, full suspension, and long range 20 ah battery for taking on any offroad adventure. Top Pick – Best Fat Tire EBike Top Pick – Best E-Bike For Big Guys Manufacturer and Model: Himiway CobraList Price: $2399Available from: Himiway and Amazon Overall Score Power9.0 Range10.0 Ride and Handling9.5 Braking9.0 Controls8.5 Assembly9.5 Summary … Read more

LANKELEISI MG740PLUS Dual Motor EBike – Review & Test

A high powered dual motor fat tire electric bike that wants to ride fast and hard Manufacturer and Model: LANKELEISI MG740PLUSList Price: $1899Available from: LANKELEISI Overall Score Power10.0 Range10.0 Ride and Handling7.0 Braking9.0 Controls6.0 Assembly5.0 Specifications LANKELEISI MG740PLUS Review and Test LANKELEISI is a Chinese electric bike company with warehouses in the US, UK, and … Read more

RadPowerBikes RadRover 6 Plus – Great For Offroading & Cruising

Smooth, quiet, comfortable fat tire e-bike that is ready to take on any adventure. Best Pick – Best Fat Tire EBike Best Pick – Best E-Bike Under $2000 Manufacturer and Model: RadPowerBikes RadRover 6 PlusList Price: $2099Available from: RadPowerBikes Overall Score Power8.0 Range8.0 Ride and Handling9.5 Braking9.5 Controls9.5 Assembly9.5 Summary The RadPowerBikes RadRover 6 Plus … Read more

Wildhorn Corvair Pro MIPS Bike Helmet – Great Value and Protection

A solid mountain bike helmet with MIPS Evolve, lots of ventilation, lightweight construction, and a comfortable fit. Top Pick – Best Mountain Bike Helmets Under $100 Manufacturer and Model: Wildhorn Corvair Pro MIPSList Price: $119Available from: Wildhorn Overall Score Construction8.5 Safety Features8.0 Comfort and Fit9.0 Ventilation9.0 Weight9.0 Summary The Wildhorn Corvair Pro is a great … Read more

Himiway Zebra D5 – 750 Watts of Power Super Long Range

A high powered electric fat tire bike with superior range thanks to it’s 48 volt 20 ah battery Top Pick – Best Fat Tire EBike Top Pick – Best E-Bike Under $2000 Top Pick – Best E-Bike For Big Guys Manufacturer and Model: Himiway D5 ZebraList Price: $1899Available from: Himiway & Amazon Overall Score Power9.0 … Read more