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Why are E-Bikes so Expensive? Will they get any Cheaper?

If you have been shopping for e-bikes lately you might be wondering why are e-bikes so expensive? Why can’t you buy one at Walmart for a couple hundred dollars like any other bike? Are the prices going to keep going up? E-bikes cost more than a regular bike because of all the extra electronics you … Read more

The 12 Best Mountain Bike Rides Near Detroit Michigan

There is lots of great mountain biking near Detroit, Michigan. It’s certainly not an area known for it’s mountain biking but that doesn’t mean it isn’t there. We have everything from fast and flowy to very technical trails here. We have some nice rails to trails gravel paths as well for days you just want … Read more

Ebike Weight – How Much Does an Electric Bike Weigh?

How much does a good ebike weigh? One of the most common things to talk about when looking at bikes is how much do they weigh? This holds true for ebikes and regular bikes. The quick answer is that the average ebike weighs between 50 and 60 lbs. There are ebikes weighing as little as … Read more

What Is The Best Mountain Bike For Ebike Conversion?

What is the best mountain bike for ebike conversion? If you want to make an ebike from a mountain bike, there are some bikes that are much easier to convert than others. Almost any mountain can be converted to an e-bike. Fortunately, the easiest mountain bikes to convert are also some of the cheapest. Let’s … Read more