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The DOD Sugoi Chair Review – Great Versatile Camping Chair

Updated July 1st, 2023

DOD Sugoi chair review

When it comes to finding the perfect camping chair, there are a few things you need to take into account. First, it needs to be comfortable. You’re going to be spending a lot of time in it. Second, it needs to be easy to carry. You don’t want to be lugging around a heavy chair when you’re trying to hike to your campsite. Last, it needs to be durable. You want a chair that’s going to last you for years and years of camping trips.

The DOD Sugoi Chair checks off all of these and can be set up in a variety of seating positions making it perfect for any use. Keep reading to get the full story on the Sugoi camping chair.

About DOD

DOD has been a leading outdoor gear company in Japan since 1997. They make products that are both stylish and functional with a focus on durability. DOD only produces well thought out and designed gear that lasts. They don’t cut corners and make cheap gear that falls apart. DOD gear is perfect for camping, whether you’re sleeping, lounging, cooking, or eating.

Best Camping Chair

DOD Sugoi Chair
DOD Sugoi chair product image


  • Frame Material – Aluminum
  • Seat Material – Cotton canvas
  • Weight Capacity – 220 lbs
  • Weight including bag – 5 lbs
  • Folded Size – 4 x 15 x 18 in


  • Comforfable – The cotton canvas breathes and is moisture wicking making it feel good and cool to sit in on hot days
  • Adjustable height and angle Telescoping legs with 3 positions allow you to adjust the height and angle
  • Compact size – The chair compacts down to a small package for storage and carrying
  • Sturdy durable construction – The aluminum frame and plastic joints feel strong and sturdy. The canvas is heavy duty feeling with attention to detail in the stitching and attachments

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The DOD Sugoi Chair ticks all of the boxes when it comes to what you should be looking for in a camping chair. It’s comfortable, lightweight, easy to carry, and built to last. The Sugoi Chair has a cotton canvas seat that is adjustable to three different heights. That means whether you’re sitting around the campfire or eating breakfast at the camp table, you’ll be able to find the perfect height for you. If you want to lean back and relax or sit up and take in the view, you can adjust the seating angle by raising or lowering the front or rear legs of the chair. 

DOD contacted us and wanted us to try out some of their gear. They have been a big player in Japan for camping gear. They are new to the US and relatively unknown. They sent us the Sugoi chair to check so we could see well designed and durable their gear was. For the most part we are pretty impressed with it. As with any review, we will give you all the good and bad points whether the item was given to us or we bought it.

sugoi chair on grass
Sugoi chair bag
Sugoi chair whats included

Features of the DOD Sugoi Chair

Let’s get into some of the details of the Sugoi camp chair.


You can get the Sugoi chair directly from DOD or you can also find it on Amazon. The Sugoi will set you back $129 which is on the expensive side for a camp chair. A quick trip to REI.com to browse prices tells me that the average price of a good camping chair is somewhere around $60-90. There are plenty of options that exceed $150 and even $200. The DOD price is not out of line for a well made piece of camp furniture.

Quality, Durability, and Materials

The first thing you will notice about the DOD camp chair is that the materials look and feel very sturdy. The canvas for both the carry bag and the chair is thick and heavy. The frame legs and brackets are sturdy and don’t look like they will break easily. The carry bag has reinforced handles. This doesn’t look or feel like a cheap camp chair you could pick up in Walmart.

Frame corner bracket
Frame corner backet
corner reinforcement
Corner reinforcement
cup holder
Cup holder
bag handle
Carry bag handle


The adjustability of the Sugoi Chair is one of its best and most unique features. You can adjust the height to three different levels. You can also adjust the seating angle by raising or lowering the front or rear legs. This allows you to sit forward or lean back, depending on your preference. The seat can be set to 9 total posiitons.

Each leg has a telescoping feature that can be set to 1 of 3 lengths. You can adjust each leg independently. You can recline the chair forward or backward or adjust the overall height. You could lean the chair to one side or the other but I’m not sure why you would want to. It’s possible.

telescoping leg short
Leg set short
telescoping leg long
Leg set long

The adjustability of the Sugoi Chair makes it a versatile and comfortable option for a variety of situations. You can go full recline to relax around the campfire. Lean forward to toast marshmallows. Full up for sitting around a table. You can make this chair work for any situation.

low height
Low height
high height
High height
leaned forward
Leaned forward
leaned back
Reclined back

Cotton Canvas Seat Material

Another great feature of the Sugoi Chair is that it’s made from cotton canvas. So whether it’s hot out and you need a cool seat or it’s cold out and you need a warm seat, this chair has got you covered. The canvas material breathes and is moisture wicking so you will always be comfortable and dry.


How does the chair feel to sit in since that is what really matters? I could find myself sitting around the fire for a few hours or taking a nap in this chair. It has good support in the upright position. It doesn’t really have any back or neck support in the fully reclined position. It’s a little awkward feeling when leaned forward. It’s very comfortable when set 1 notch leaning forward or back. The canvas material has a nice feel to it. I don’t feel sweaty or sticky in it like you do in a chair with nylon seating material.

Relaxing in Sugoi chair by lake

Compact Size

The Sugoi can compact down to fit in a 4 x 15 x 18 inch space. This means it can fit almost anywhere in your camper or RV. You can throw it in the back of the car for any time you might need a chair. It is about half the size of a generic folding chair. It’s bigger and heavier than a backpacking chair. It weighs in at 5 lbs. It’s perfect for any other kind of camping or other activity.

Sugoi chair with generic chair
Sugoi chair bag next to a cheap generic folding chair bag

220 lb Weight Capacity

The Sugoi has a published max weight of 220 lbs. I am exceeding that by a bit and it’s holding up well so far. This chair should work well for most average sized adults. If you are way above 220 lbs I would look for a chair with a bigger weight capacity. I feel good recommending it to anyone right up to their published weight spec.

Big guy in Sugoi chair

Easy Assembly/Disassembly

The Sugoi chair folds up a bit differently than your average folding chair. It takes a little more time and effort than just sliding it open. This allows it to have a very compact size when folded.

The Sugoi includes a printed set of instructions. They are in Japanese so they don’t do most of us any good. Assembly is self explanatory for the most part. If you do need help, there are very basic English instructions available online. They consist of about 4 images and 2 sentences.

To assemble the Sugoi you snap the legs out of their holders and push them into their sockets on the frame. Undo the velcro that holds the chair supports in place. Put the chair supports together and slide them into their holes on the frame. Put the canvas onto the frame. You have to stretch the canvas a bit to get the 4th corner in place. It’s not too challenging.

To dissemble you reverse the process. Everything fits neatly into the included canvas bag. The bag has enough extra room. You do not need to fight with the bag to get the chair back inside.

Sugoi frame collapsed
Legs extended
Chair supports
assembled frame
DOD Sugoi Chair
DOD Sugoi chair product image

What we liked:

  • High quality durable feel of the materials and construction
  • Comfortable to sit in
  • Adjustable seating angle and height
  • Breathing and moisture wicking seating material
  • Sturdy carry bag
  • Small compact size when folded up

What we didn’t like:

  • Takes more time and effort to assemble and put away than the standard slide open folding chair
  • Weight capacity is too small for larger adults

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The Verdict

When it comes time to hit the great outdoors on your next camping trip, make sure you bring along the DOD Sugoi Chair. This camp chair has everything you need to make your trip as relaxing and comfortable as possible. If you are looking for a new camp chair check out the DOD Sugoi Chair.

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