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Electric Scooter Weight Limit – Bird and Lime Scooter Weight Limits

Updated July 2nd, 2023

electric scooter weight limit

What is the electric scooter weight limit? The majority of electric scooters sold have a listed weight limit of 220 lbs or 100kg. There are many electric scooters out there with much higher weight limits. There are many options suitable for up to 300 lbs and a few with capacities up to 300kg or 660 lbs. There is no reason a larger person can’t ride an electric scooter.

What is the Electric Scooter weight limit?

Most electric scooters have a specified weight limit of 100kg or 220 lbs. This seems to be the magic number that most electric scooters meant for adults are designed to. The average American adult male is 197 lbs (according to the CDC) which is only a little below this limit. This means that a little less than half of adult men in the US are over the limit. Fear not. There plenty of electric scooters available for people of all weights and sizes. Electric scooters from Kreo Motors, Nanrobot, and Qiewa, and many others are rated for riders over 300 lbs and some over 400 lbs.

Factors affecting electric scooter maximum rider weight and height

There are a few things to consider when shopping for an electric scooter with high capacity. Motor power, battery capacity, suspension, frame construction, and handlebar height are all important. Let’s look at each of them.

Motor Power

The more motor power an electric scooter has, the more weight it can accelerate and move. Most standard electric scooters have motors that run from 300 to 500 watts. Some of the high powered scooters have 1000 watt motors or even dual 1000 watt motors. If you are a heavier rider, you will want more power if you ride somewhere with hills or want to ride at higher speeds. The harder a motor has to work, the more heat it generates and the more potential it has to burn out. For a high electric scooter weight limit, you need to have powerful motors.

Battery Capacity

The more power an electric scooter needs, the more battery capacity it needs to go with it. 2000 watts of motor power doesn’t do much good if it drains the batteries in a mile. As heavier riders, we will be getting less range than the manufacturer specifies. Plan on 20% less right from the start and more as the batteries age. Having excessive battery capacity and range is important.

Frame and Chassis construction

The frame needs to be built strong enough to withstand a heavier rider going over bumps in the road. The heavier we are, the more loading the frame takes everytime the scooter hits a bump or crack. The folding mechanism is one of the weak points in the design and needs to be strong enough.


An electric scooter with front and rear suspension is preferred for heavier riders. If there is no suspension to absorb road loads than all if it goes through our feet and then knee and hip joints. If the road isn’t super smooth than it will get tiring very fast to ride. Without suspension the frame and chassis will take higher loads as well and fail sooner.

Handlebar height

Another important thing to consider is the handlebar height. Many heavier electric scooter riders are taller. To be comfortable and controllable a scooter needs to have a tall enough handlebar. Handlebar height should be between your hip and waist. If it is shorter you will be crouched over and find the scooter uncomfortable and hard to control.

Electric scooter weight

As you add bigger and stronger motors, bigger capacity batteries and a sturdier frame, the weight of the scooter itself is going to go up. After you add a couple thousand watts in motors and enough batteries to feed them you won’t have a 25 lb feather light scooter anymore. You can expect to have a scooter that more in the range of 50 to 100 lbs to support a 300 lb plus rider weight.

group of electric scooters

What if I overload an electric scooter?

What happens if you ride way over the electric scooter weight limit? Can you still ride it? Maybe. It may be okay for short distances. The following are things that may happen.

  • Lower top speed – You won’t be able to go as fast as the electric scooter claims it can go.
  • Can’t climb hills – The scooter won’t have enough power to go up hills.
  • Shorter range – The heavier you are, the shorter range any electric scooter will have. It takes more energy to move more mass.
  • Tires wear out faster – You will be more load on the tires so they will wear out faster.
  • Brakes are not as effective and wear out faster – Brake pads will not last as long. The heavier you are, the longer it will take a scooter to stop.
  • Frame and chassis damage – If you are heavier than the frame is designed for it may bend or break. The folding mechanism or other parts may break as well.

Is there a weight limit for Lime scooters?

According to the Lime user agreement, Lime electric scooters have a rider weight limit of 300 lbs.

Our Products are unfortunately not indestructible, so please take good care of them when they are in your hands. They have weight limitations – 300 pounds for all bikes and scooters (but 15 pounds for cargo in a bike’s front basket), and 600 pounds for our car-sharing vehicles (unless otherwise stated).


Is there a weight limit for Bird scooters?

According to the end user license agreement from Bird, the weight limit for their electric scooters is the maximum weight limit for the vehicle. In the case of their electric scooter, the Bird One, the limit is 220 lbs.

1.10  Weight and Cargo Limits.  You must not exceed the maximum weight limit for the Vehicle.


Best electric scooter with weight limit over 400 lbs

One of the highest weight capacity scooters on the market is the QIEWA Q-POWER ELECTRIC OFF-ROAD SCOOTER. It has a specified weight capacity of 300kg or 660 lbs. It has a max range of 56miles and max speed of 55mph. It weighs a still manageable 82 lbs for portability. You probably won’t be carrying this up the stairs and around an office building. It can still easily be stored in the corner somewhere. To see more click here.

Qiewa Q-Power Electric Off-Road Scooter

Qiewa Q Power Electric Scooter

Best electric scooter with weight limit over 300 lbs or 150kg

One of the best scooters available for 300 lb riders is the NANROBOT D6+. It has dual motors, dual battery chargers and 50 miles of range. Click below to learn more.


nanrobot d6

Why should you get an electric scooter?

There are many advantages of riding electric scooters. They are better for the environment, they are fun, and they low cost. These are all good reasons why you should get an electric scooter for your commute or riding around.

They are fun to ride

Riding an electric scooter is a blast. High powered electric scooters can go up to 50mph. Even the average low cost electric scooter can go 10 to 15mph. 15mph on a scooter will still feel like your flying. You get all the fun of being out in the open air.

Cost a lot less than driving or ride sharing

Even the most expensive electric scooter costs a fraction the cost the cheapest car. There is no insurance and minimal maintenance costs for an electric scooter. Recharging an electric scooter costs just pennies in electricity. An electric scooter is one of the cheapest forms of transportation available.


Most electric scooters can fold up for easy carrying and storage. An electric scooter designed for a 300 to 400 lb rider will be on the heavier side. They can still be stored many places that even a bicycle won’t fit. Electric scooters can be charged at any wall outlet so they can be charged almost anywhere.

Friendly for the environment

Electric scooters use just a fraction of the power of an electric car. Instead of moving thousands of pounds of a car around, you only have to move a 20 to 80 lb scooter. A considerable amount of CO2 and resources go into the production of a car. The environmental impact of a scooter is much much lower from the cradle to grave aspect of the scooter as well. To learn more above the environmental impact of car manufacturing look here.

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