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Fox River Ski Socks – Great Made In The USA Value

Updated July 1st, 2023

Fox river ski socks review

Are you looking for new ski socks that are warm, comfortable, and won’t break the bank? If so, check out Fox River ski socks. Fox River makes a variety of socks suitable for skiing and other outdoor activities. They are made in the USA in their own factory in Osage, Iowa too. Let’s take a look at how Fox River ski socks perform on the slope.

Best Value Men’s Warm Ski Sock

Snow Pack Medium Weight over-the-calf socks

Fox River Snow Pack Medium product image
  • ULTIMATE WARMTH AND COMFORT – Keep your feet feeling fresh and warm all day in these high-performance ski socks. Our ski socks are moisture-wicking and luxuriously soft preventing any buildup of sweat while softening the blows your feet take every day.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT KNITTING – Get off to a great start in these durable skiing socks with lightweight jersey knitting at instep that helps eliminate bunching and bulk at the ankle and a spandex ankle panel holds your ski sock comfortably all day long.
  • TOP QUALITY FABRIC – Made with a premium blend of 55% acrylic, 25% nylon, 19% Merino/wool blend, 1% spandex these skiing socks provide excellent insulation against cold. Our skiing socks stand out with nylon reinforced heel and toes for longer sock life.
  • MADE IN THE USA – Made in Osage Iowa in eco-friendly factory
Lift Lightweight Over-The-Calf socks
Fox River Lift lightweight product image
  • LIGHTWEIGHT WITH EXCELLENT FEEL Made with a lightweight blend of wool and silk, the Lift sock provides excellent boot feel for those days where every turn counts. Lightweight cushioning provides sensitivity and the fast drying wool will keep your feet comfy when you’re pushing the limits on the mountain.
  • ANATOMIC FIT – URfit® System provides arch support and memory-knit construction. Left and right socks designed anatomically to better fit each foot (L/R)
  • TOP QUALITY FABRIC – Made with a premium blend of 54% Merino Wool, 27% Nylon, 16% Silk, 2% Spandex, and 1% Polyester
  • MADE IN THE USA – Made in Osage Iowa in eco-friendly factory

Best Women’s Lightweight Ski Sock

Prima Lift Lightweight Over-The-Calf
Fox River Prima Lift product image
  • EXCLUSIVE SOCK TECHNOLOGY – No matter where your skiing takes you, these over-the-calf socks will give you an incredible wearing experience. Our Wick Dry technology quickly draws moisture away from your skin ensuring your feet stay super dry
  • PREMIUM FABRIC – Unlike coarser grades of wool that are prone to itching ours stands out with a unique blend of 41% nylon, 32% PrimaLoft acrylic, 22% Merino wool, 3% polyester, 2% spandex and ultra-soft wool that keeps you super cozy. These skiing socks are supremely breathable warmer and more effective
  • EXCELLENT ELASTICITY – Nothing makes your feet feel fresh and more relaxed than a cozy pair of our over-the-calf ski socks. They feature an URfit System that ensures these women’s ski socks will not be too tight. The heel and toe are reinforced
  • MADE IN THE USA – Made in Osage Iowa in eco-friendly factory
Chamonix Lightweight Over-The-Calf socks
Fox River Charmonix lightweight-product image
  • BREATHABLE AND COMFORTABLE: Enjoy exceptional softness with super fine grade Merino wool blended with lofty cashmere and luxurious silk are knit to fit each foot anatomically for a superior feel on the slopes. What could be better? Moisture-managing fibers that keep feet dry, warm and comfortable.
  • PREMIUM FABRIC – 48% Merino wool, 27% nylon, 14% silk, 7% cashmere, 3% spandex, 1% polyester
  • ULTIMATE KNITTING – These skiing socks are designed to deliver the right amount of cushioning and thickness in the toe heel and shin areas to give you an incredible wearing experience!
  • PREMIUM QUALITY – Experience all around protection and stay warm in these wear-resistant snowboarding socks. With the perfect blend for ultimate softness and supreme breathability you will absolutely love your dry feet!
  • MADE IN THE USA – Made in Osage Iowa in eco-friendly factory
What we liked
  • Warmth of Snowpack medium weight socks
  • Comfort and feel of lightweight ski socks
  • Softness of Charmonix women’s socks
  • Good value for the price
  • Made in the USA in eco-friendly factory
What we didn’t like
  • Men’s Snowpack medium socks are not full calve length
  • No women’s medium weight ski socks available

Features of Fox River ski socks

Fox River was kind enough to supply us with a variety of their socks. We picked out some medium and lightweight ski socks as well as some from their hunt, work, and run collections. I have tried out their Snow Pack Medium Weight over-the-calf and Lift Lightweight Over-The-Calf socks. My wife has tried the Prima Lift Lightweight Over-The-Calf and the Chamonix Lightweight Over-The-Calf socks.

Fox river ski socks laying on the ground
From right to left – Men’s Snow Pack, Men’s Lift, Women’s Prima Lift, Women’s Charmonix

Snow Pack Medium Weight over-the-calf socks.

The Snow Pack medium weight socks come in a 2 pack for $24 which makes them about $12 per pair. That makes them a great deal in the value price range. Ski socks from Smartwool or Hot Chilly’s may run more than that for a single pair. There aren’t many ski socks on Amazon that cost less per pair. This is amazing given that Fox River socks are made in the United States.

These socks are made with 19% merino wool combined with acrylic, nylon, and spandex. They have a spandex ankle to help keep the socks in place. The merino and acrylic blend helps wick dry moisture away. The toe seams are flat so you won’t get pressure points or cut off circulation in your toes.

I tried out the medium weight socks on a 10F to 15F day at Caberfae Peaks in Michigan. I currently use Dalbella Pantera 110 boots that aren’t especially warm. I didn’t have any problems with cold feet while wearing the Fox River socks. My toes were fine the entire day. I didn’t feel any pressure points from seams in the toe area. I feel these socks have enough warmth to be usable on cold frigid days.

My regular ski socks that I have been using are Smartwool PHD with medium cushion. I do tend to feel my toes getting cold with those socks on colder days below 20F. I feel the Fox River medium weight ski socks are a bit warmer.

One dislike I have for these socks is that they are not as long as Smartwool PHD socks. They are about an inch short of going to the top of my calf. They stay in place when putting my boots on and aren’t sliding down into them. I prefer socks that completely go to the top of my calves with a bit of compression feel.

Lift Lightweight Over-The-Calf socks

I wear medium weight ski socks 90% of the time as I like a little more cushion. For most of the winter here it’s cold enough that my feet never hit the state of feeling too warm. I tried out the lightweight socks on an above freezing day on a recent trip to Snowbasin, Utah.

The Lift socks retail for $26 per pair. These socks are 54% merino wool combined with silk, nylon, sandex and polyester. They are made as left and right sock so you have to pay attention to which one goes on which foot. They are labeled with a small L and R near the toes. They have a reinforced toe and heel as well as a little cushion in them.

These are longer than the medium weight socks and go to the top of my calves which I prefer. They have enough compression to feel good and stay in place.

I felt that these socks were warm enough on an above freezing temperature day. They have less cushion and thickness than medium weight socks. I can feel the better fit you get with your ski boot with thinner socks.

I had no issues with sweaty feet or wet feeling socks by the end of the day during warmer skiing. I felt the socks did a good job of wicking sweat and moisture away.

Prima Lift Lightweight Over-The-Calf

The Prima Lift ski socks retail for $20 per pair. These socks are left and right sided like the men’s lightweight ski socks. They have a composition of 32% PrimaLoft, 22% merino wool, and 41% nylon. They have what Fox River calls URfit construction with memory knit construction so they retain their shape and fit no matter how many times you wash them.

My wife skis with toe heaters in her boots almost all the time. She made no exceptions for these socks since they are lighter weight than she normally wears. She thought they are comfortable but much thinner than she is used to. There was no medium weight women’s snow sock available from Fox River to try.

With toe heaters in place, she said her feet felt warm enough during a 10-15F day. The socks were thin so felt like a more tight fit with her boots than normal. She is used to socks with more cushion. She is not that aggressive a skier where she wishes to feel that one with her ski boots.

Chamonix Lightweight Over-The-Calf socks.

The Charmonix socks retail for $28 per pair. They have a blend of 48% merino wool combined with 14% silk, 7% cashmere and 27% nylon. Unlike the other lightweight socks we tried, they do not have a left and right foot stitching.

These socks have a softer feel than the other socks. My wife preferred the feel of these over the Prima Lift socks. She is more concerned with comfort and the soft feel than absolute performance. She felt these were a bit warmer than the Prima Lift socks as well.

Summary Fox River SKi Socks

Men’s Snow Pack Medium Weight over-the-calf socks
Fox River Snow Pack Medium product image
Men’s Lift Lightweight Over-The-Calf socks
Fox River Lift lightweight product image
Women’s Prima Lift Lightweight Over-The-Calf
Fox River Prima Lift product image
Women’s Chamonix Lightweight Over-The-Calf socks
Fox River Charmonix lightweight-product image

The Verdict

The socks from Fox River Socks represent good value and performance and as a bonus are American made. They have a wide variety of socks with different constructions and materials. They have a sock to suit almost any ski conditions or winter activities. The medium weight socks are warm enough for frigid cold. The lightweight socks have a nice thin feel for those looking for performance. I highly recommend checking out socks from Fox River Mills if you need new ski socks or socks for any other activity.

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