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iHood Heated Gloves – Warm Insulated Heated Ski Gloves for a Budget Price

Updated January 31st, 2024

Heated ski gloves with thick PrimaLoft Insulation, and an intelligent heat mode.

iHood heated gloves review

Best Pick: The Best Heated Ski Gloves

Manufacturer and Model: iHood Heated Gloves
List Price: $149
Available from: Amazon

Overall Score


Heating Power8.5

Overall Warmth8.5


Glove Construction8.5


The iHood Heated Gloves have a 7.4 volt heating system, Thinsulate and PrimaLoft insulation, and an intelligent heat setting to help conserve battery. They are warm gloves with added heat from the electronic heaters. They are great heated ski gloves for giving yourself a fast warmup on the chair or with continuous heat on the medium or low setting.

What we liked:

  • Intelligent heating feature that goes from high to medium after 5 minutes
  • Touch screen compatible finger tips
  • Includes wrist leashes

What we didn’t like:

  • Goatskin doesn’t cover the entire palm surface
  • Control button is under ski pole strap when using pole straps

iHood heated gloves product image


  • Battery Life Published – 3 hours high, 4.5 hours medium, 8 hours low
  • Touchscreen compatible – yes
  • Waterproofing – Yes
  • Insulation – Primaloft 120g and Thinsulate
  • Heating element area – Back of hand and fingers

iHood Heated Gloves Review and Test

The iHood brand is a newcomer that started in 2021. They are based out of California. They only make heated apparel. They gave us a set of heated gloves to try out. We took them out to the mountain and put them through some cold days to see how warm they were and how long the heating power would last. Keep reading to get all the details.

iHood heated gloves on mountain

1 – Features

A 7.4 volt heater covers the fingers and back of the hand on the iHood gloves. To power it, two 7.4 volt 3000 mah batteries are included. They have elastic cinch straps to seal around the cuffs and wrist leashes. They also have a wrist strap made of webbing that can tighten around the wrist.

You can use the touch-screen surfaces of your thumb and index finger to operate your phone’s screen while wearing them.

iHood gloves top
iHood heated gloves what is included

2 – Insulation (8.0/10)

The iHood gloves are lined with 120g PrimaLoft insulation to keep them warm. They also have a layer of 3M Thinsulate to add even more warmth. They are pretty warm gloves without the power on. They won’t lose all the electric heat out of the gloves due to poor insulation.

The gloves have a waterproof membrane layer inside to keep water out. It is not Gore-Tex or any other name brand waterproofing. It seems to be holding up so far to use in snow.

3 – Heating Power (8.5/10)

The gloves have heating elements that go around the back of the wrist and cover the fingers. They do not have any heating element on the palm surface. They have an intelligent heat mode that turns them on high for 5 minutes and then switches to medium after 5 minutes. This helps preserve battery by giving you a kick of heat and then going down to a lower setting. You can set them to any of the 3 levels by pressing the button.

iHood heated gloves battery

Out on the mountain on a sub freezing temperature day, I could feel a lot of warmth generated by the gloves on high power. I could barely feel the warmth on medium. I could not tell the difference between the gloves turned off or on, on low power. This is normal for almost every set of heated ski gloves I have tried.

In warmer temperatures above 40 degrees, you can feel the low setting. I could ski all day with 1 glove set on low and 1 glove on off, and not be able to tell them apart by feel on a colder day.

We tested how long each heat setting would last before the battery died. We got the following results.

  • Low – 3 hours 24 minutes
  • Medium – 4 hours 15 minutes
  • High – 8 hours 12 minutes

The heating times are similar to what we have seen with most other heated gloves with similar sized batteries. iHood publishes 3 hours for high, 4.5 hours for medium, and 8 hours for low. This is close to what we actually got.

4 – Overall Warmth (8.5/10)

The gloves are warm when the power is off. They have good insulation and are equal to any regular ski glove in the $50 to $100 range. They aren’t super insulated like a set of Black Diamond Guide Gloves. They are on par with the average ski glove out there. With the heat on they do a really good job of warming up your fingers and palms on the high setting. On medium setting, they give you a nice gentle warm feel.

I find that I usually leave them off until I need a dose of head on the chairlift and then use the 5 minute intelligent heat feature and turn them off once I’m warmed up.

5 – Dexterity (8.0/10)

The gloves have some stiffness to the fingers. Most gloves with heavier insulation have stiffer fingers as a result. I found holding ski poles and pole planting easy while wearing them. They are soft enough to not interfere with skiing. They are a little stiff feeling for doing things like trying to use your phone while wearing them.

6 – Glove Construction (8.5/10)

The gloves have a nice set of features for use while skiing including cuff elastics and wrist leashes. They have a couple goat skin patches in high wear areas. They do not have goat skin covered palms or fingers. They have water proofing but is not mentioned what they use. The water proofing of the gloves is holding up so far to use while skiing. I will update here if they start leaking water in after longer use. They are good so far.

They heating control button is on the lower outer side of your wrist. If you use ski pole straps, they will lay right on top of the button. I haven’t noticed yet that the button is getting pressed by the straps. You need to hold in the button a few seconds to power them on or off. The most likely thing to happen is the button gets a tap when powered up and changes heat level.

iHood Heated glove bottom

Recommendation – Buy or No Buy?

The iHood Heated Gloves make a solid set of warm ski gloves for those who want to try heated gloves but don’t want to spend a small fortune. They produce lots of heat on the high setting and enough to keep you warm on medium. The construction looks well made with features like wrist straps and leashes.

iHood heated gloves product image

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