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Koova Bike Rack Review – Sturdy Low Cost Way to Hang Bikes From the Wall

Koova bike rack review

Bicycles can take up a lot of space. They can be break and break other things easily if they fall over. A good bicycle storage rack can keep your bikes more organized and prevent them from getting damaged. Koova makes a lot of great storage racks that are designed and built here in the USA. We got a Koova Bike rack to try out in our garage. keep reading for all the details on the Koova bike rack.

About Koova

Koova makes a variety of storage solutions for your garage and home. They make bike, ski, kayak, and other racks that are sturdy and easy to install. Koova has its own factory in the US where they manufacture their racks. All Koova products are designed and made in America.

Best Bike Wall Storage Rack

Koova Wall Mounted Bike Rack for 3 Bikes
Koova 3 bike rack product image


  • Width – 32 inches wide
  • Capacity –3 adult bikes and 2 helmets
  • Construction – Powder coated steel
  • Manufactured – Made in the USA
  • Warranty – Lifetime warranty

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What we liked:

  • Made in the USA
  • Sturdy powder coated steel construction
  • Easy to assemble and install
  • Easy to hang bike froms
  • Fits up to a 3 inch wide mountain bike tire
  • Can hold up to 3 bikes
  • Hooks for hanging 2 helmets
  • Fatbike 4 inch wheel hanger brackets are available

What we didn’t like:

  • There really isn’t much to dislike about this rack.
  • It requires some not included tools to install (5/16″ socket and Philips screwdriver

Bottom Line

The Koova Bike Rack is a simple sturdy design that is easy to install, it works well, it’s made in the USA and it’s not expensive.

Features of the Koova Bike Rack

Koova contacted us and gave us a ski rack and bike rack to try out. We installed them both in our garage to see how they work. In this review we’ll take a look at the 3 bike rack. As with all reviews, we will give you the good and bad whether we paid for the item or it was given to us.

The Koova bike rack holds up to 3 adult bikes. It also has a couple helmet hooks. It is made from very sturdy feeling powder coated steel. The bike hanging hooks are rubber coated where they contact your bike wheel. It is very easy to assemble and mount to your wall.

Koova bike hanger hook detail

There are a few different versions of the bike rack available from Koova. Ours is the standard 3 bike wall rack. They also sell a 6 bike version and a 2 bike version with a small shelf. They sell all the parts separately so you can custom design a rack as well.

The standard bike hanging hooks that come with the rack system work up to about a 3 inch width bike tire. Koova sells Jumbo Bike Hooks that work for 4 inch wide fatbike wheels on their website.

Koova bike and ski rack


The Koova ski rack runs $56.95 on their website. You can also find it on Amazon.


Koova racks come in a plain cardboard box. Inside there is 1 piece of bubble wrap around the bracket bar. There is 2 small plastic bags with the hardware. There isn’t any other foam or throwaway packaging. The shipping box is recyclable. Overall the packaging is well done with minimal landfill waste.

What is included

When you open the box you will find a bar bracket that gets mounted to the wall, 3 bike hanging brackets. 2 helmet hanging hooks, and some hardware for mounting it and putting it all together. You can buy the rack with standard wall mounting hardware which is 2 lag screws that get screwed into wall studs. There is also a version that comes with masonry hardware for attaching to a masonry wall. Ours has the standard stud mounting hardware.

What is included Koova bike rack


Mounting and assembling the rack took me about 30 minutes. The longest part is finding studs in your wall and measuring where to put the 2 mounting lug screws. Our garage has peg board on all the walls which make finding the studs and making things level very easy.

This rack will take up a large amount of garage space with 3 bikes on it so you want to plan carefully where you will put it. You want to mount the rack at least the length of the longest bike you have above the ground. You can mount it higher almost up to the ceiling if you want to be able to store things underneath the bikes. The height of the bike sitting on the ground will determine how far they stick out from the wall. The overall rack space will be the length of your bike tall, the width of 2 to 3 bike handlebars, and the bikes height sticking out from the wall.

I used an 11/64″ drill bit to pre-drill holes for the mounting screws. This makes them much easier to screw into the stud.

Koova rack lag screws

After mounting the bar to the wall you need to attach the bike hooks and helmet hooks. Everything gets attached with mounting bolts and silver nut plates. You install the nut plates with the grooved surfaces facing the mounting hooks. When you tighten them onto the bar, the grooves will self align with the mounting bar to hold everything securely in place.

Koova mountain bolts
Koova bike bracket attached to bar
Koova bar with bike bracket and helmet hook

You can slide the 2 outer brackets onto the bar. You can’t slide the center mounting hook because the silver plates will not clear the wall mounting lag screws. You can stick the silver plates into the bar and they will rotate into alignment as you tighten the bolts.

Each bike bracket has 2 mounting bolts. The helmet hooks have 1. Mount all of them to the mounting bar and tighten the bolts. Then you are finished.

Assembled Koova rack

How does the rack work for bicycle storage?

The rack holds bikes securely and they have no tendency to lean or swing back toward the wall. The bigger the bike tire is, the harder it is to get into the hanging hook. My biggest bike wheel has a 29 x 2.6″ mountain bike tire on it. I was easily able to get that into the hanging hook. It’s near the max size that will fit. I think a 3.0″ bike tires will fit but that is about the max.

We mounted our rack closer to the ceiling so we could use the space underneath for storage. It is easy to lift the bikes up, holding them by the frame and fork, to get the wheel into the bike hanger. It was just as easy getting them back off again.

Koova bike rack with 2 bikes
Bike tire in Koova hanger hook

A stud screwed into a wall can support somewhere around 80-100 lbs. The bar is held to the wall on 2 studs so it should be able to hold 160-200 lbs. Some e-bikes weigh 50-70 lbs. 3 of them could potentially be too much weight for your wall to support. 2 heavier e-bikes should be fine.

If you have a bike with 4 inch wide fatbike wheels you will need to get the Jumbo Bike Hanger Hook from Koova to use. Many e-bikes use 4 inch wide tires on mountain bikes and folding bikes.

To fit 3 bikes onto the rack you will need to hang the middle bike opposite direction as the 2 outside bikes. 2 by the front wheel and 1 by the rear wheel or the opposite. This is so the handlebars and pedals are offset.

If you lower the seat on your bike before hanging it, the bike will stick out less far from the wall. I have a dropper post on my mountain bike so I lower it before storing the bike.

Bikes tires can leave scuff marks on the wall. Koova makes wall protectors that you can stick to your wall where the tires will go to keep the wall clean. This is good if you are using the rack on finished walls.

Koova Wall Mounted Bike Rack for 3 Bikes
Koova 3 bike rack product image

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The verdict

The Koova 3 bike wall mounted bike rack is an easy to assemble and mount garage bike rack. It has sturdy powder coated steel construction. It can easily fit 3 mountain bikes on it. If you are looking for a good wall mounted indoor bike rack, check out the Koova bike rack and all the available accessories.

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