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RadPowerBikes RadRover 6 Plus – Great For Offroading & Cruising

Smooth, quiet, comfortable fat tire e-bike that is ready to take on any adventure. Best Pick – Best Fat Tire EBike Best Pick – Best E-Bike Under $2000 Manufacturer and Model: RadPowerBikes RadRover 6 PlusList Price: $2099Available from: RadPowerBikes Overall Score Power8.0 Range8.0 Ride and Handling9.5 Braking9.5 Controls9.5 Assembly9.5 Summary The RadPowerBikes RadRover 6 Plus … Read more

7 Benefits of Wearing Aqua Shoes During Paddleboarding

Paddleboarding, a water activity that is not only thrilling but also exhilarating, involves balancing on a board and propelling oneself across a body of water. This water sport requires more than just a stable board and a sturdy paddle – it also emphasizes the importance of safety and the need for proper gear. Your canoe … Read more

Wildhorn Corvair Pro MIPS Bike Helmet – Great Value and Protection

A solid mountain bike helmet with MIPS Evolve, lots of ventilation, lightweight construction, and a comfortable fit. Top Pick – Best Mountain Bike Helmets Under $100 Manufacturer and Model: Wildhorn Corvair Pro MIPSList Price: $119Available from: Wildhorn Overall Score Construction8.5 Safety Features8.0 Comfort and Fit9.0 Ventilation9.0 Weight9.0 Summary The Wildhorn Corvair Pro is a great … Read more

Outdoor Master Swordfish Paddleboard – Great Entry Level ISUP

A good starter inflatable SUP for anyone who wants to get on the water paddleboarding without spending a lot. Top Pick – Best Cheap Paddle Boards Manufacturer and Model: Outdoor Master SwordfishList Price: $299Available from: Outdoor Master, and Amazon Overall Score Stiffness7.0 Stability7.0 Speed Performance7.0 Tracking8.0 Accessories7.0 Portability9.0 Summary Outdoor Master has long been known … Read more

Varla Pegasus Electric Scooter – Dual 500 Watt Motors and 25 Mile Range

Dual motors with 1920 watts of peak output, 25 miles range, and enough suspension for a sporty smooth ride. Best Overall – Best Electric Scooter For Hills Manufacturer and Model: Varla PegasusList Price: $999Available from: Varla Overall Score Power10.0 Range10.0 Ride Quality9.5 Braking9.0 Controls9.0 Construction8.5 Summary The Varla Pegasus electric scooter is a dual motor … Read more

Himiway Zebra – 750 Watts of Power Super Long Range

A high powered electric fat tire bike with superior range thanks to it’s 48 volt 20 ah battery Top Pick – Best Fat Tire EBike Top Pick – Best E-Bike Under $2000 Top Pick – Best E-Bike For Big Guys Manufacturer and Model: Himiway ZebraList Price: $1899Available from: Himiway & Amazon Overall Score Power9.0 Range10.0 … Read more

Airbank Whale Shark Pro – Rechargeable Pump that can Inflate Big SUPs to 20psi

A rechargeable cordless electric SUP pump that can inflate large 12’6″ touring SUPs to 20 psi on battery power alone. Best Rechargeable Electric SUP Pump – Best Electric Paddleboard Pumps Manufacturer and Model: Airbank Whale Shark ProList Price: $129Available from: Airbank & Amazon Overall Score Speed9.0 Multiple Boards10.0 Ease of Use8.0 Cord Storage9.0 Durability8.0 Summary … Read more

Airbank Puffer Pro – Super Compact Size Rechargeable Electric SUP Pump

A very small but fast rechargeable electric paddleboard pump that can inflate up to 20 psi Best Small Rechargeable Pump – Best Electric Paddleboard Pumps Manufacturer and Model: Airbank Puffer ProList Price: $129Available from: Airbank & Amazon Overall Score Speed9.5 Multiple Boards8.0 Ease of Use9.0 Cord Storage10.0 Durability7.0 Summary The Airbank Puffer Pro is a … Read more